Sean Brown

Sean Brown

 Winnipeg, Manitoba, CAN

Sean Brown's debut album has critics saying, “Fans of smart catchy and driving rock may have a new favorite with Sean Brown” -The Uniter. Sean’s live performances are raw, honest and driven and his dynamic guitar styling’s set a rhythmic back drop for his profound and exposing lyrics.


Sean Brown's debut self produced album "ready fire aim" started Sean's solo Career and is fused with raw, honest and driven rock songs featuring Sean’s dynamic guitar style setting a rhythmic back drop for his profound and exposing lyrics. Recorded in Winnipeg, Manitoba ready fire aim stays true to the indie rock tradition of minimal instrumentation and live off the floor recordings.
All 11 of the original tracks on ready fire aim ring with guitar-fuelled conviction from the energized album opener Only Human (featuring Stephen Carroll of The Weakerthans), to the indie rockers Last Chance & Here and Never Gone which capture the forceful urgency of Sean’s guitar style. Sean Brown’s debut also explores the more restrained & introspective, exposing his prophet’s sensibility with the gentle leanings of tracks like A Better Way & Disruptions.
Sean Brown’s eclectic mix of Tunes has been compared to the likes of Jeff Buckley, Frank Black, The Tragically Hip, & the Hoodoo Gurus. With Sean’s diverse musical interest, it is no surprise to hear several decades of punk, Blues and guitar rock influences on this sturdy debut.
With ready fire aim receiving great radio support, the title track Only Human charted in the top 10 on Winnipeg’s Kick FM radio, and was #58 in the top one hundred songs of 2008. Sean was recently in the studio with John Critchley on the board and playing Keys in Toronto while on a Spring cross Canada tour and he will be recording in Winnipeg throughout the Spring and summer of 2011, with plans to release one digital track a month for a year.


Only Human

Written By: Sean Brown

Only Human
I’m Only Human,
I have one heart that can never be mended.
I leave my cloths on,
Because I can not show my true self.
I live in fiction,
There are a million ways to break me down.
You asked one question,
And it was over when the tears hit the ground.
I am one big disaster.
I’m only human
And I will always try to find the way out.
I walk in shadows
You can’t see in and I can never see out.
I cry in private,
Hold it all in until it comes crashing down.
Why try to deny it,
I am as weak as anyone.
I am one big disaster.
Bridge- musical-
Wrong season for loving,
It does not matter how much I care.
I can not maintain it,
And so the corners are never cleaned out.
I have this problem,
No one see’s in and I will never see out.
I’m only human x4

A Better Way

Written By: Sean Brown

A Better Way
V1- I, know, that I have come,
To, the, right place for once.

CH1- I know it’s a special place,
We can make our own inner space.
So don’t stop you fighting,
Cause I’ve started righting those wrongs I made.
See how you eclipse the sun,
Throwing shadows on everyone.
Now my heart is reeling with this weightless feeling I’ll try to embrace.

Trans- I don’t mind this at all.
No o o I don’t mind, I……. I don’t mind.

V2- I, see, all your hidden places left out for me……

CH2- I found a better way,
I try to live it from day to day to day.
So don’t stop your trying
Cause every ones lying including me.
Lovers and writers and drinkers and fighters
are all the same.
They love what their drinking and fight what their thinking a friend in need of me.

Trans- Cause I don’t mind it at all,
No o o I don’t mind, I……. I don’t mind.

V3-out- I see all your hidden places

Last chance

Written By: Sean Brown

Last Chance
Don’t you know to keep this up
You’ll have to go a lot faster
As you know when it gets rough
you need to work a lot harder
So this time if you work it out
You will know a whole lot more , a lot more

Ooohh.. a lot more

As it grows you will grow
and send it all up gleaming
don’t brush it off you have to cope
everyone is counting…… on you
Oh this time it’s not a test
Your last chance for real…..for real

Oohh your hope is waining
one last chance to get it together
This life will make your decisions
Just when you thought you had it right
Though you had it right, thought you had it right.

Now its time to step it up
is everyone on the same page
lost in time you can’t negociate
this may be your
last chance

Here and Never gone

Written By: Sean Brown

Here and never gone
Seeing eye, dog watching me.
You’ve got your mothers eyes but see can’t see.
Don’t pull back, got your choker on.
Funny how, you were here and now your gone.

Hey, hey, hey, ha, ha, ha
I found out for the first time. X2
Hey, hey, hey, ha, ha, ha
You left me behind.

I have found that everyday,
That line you cross gets in our way.
So shut your mouth, got your choker on,
You’ll be wishing that I was here and never gone

Hey, hey, hey, ha, ha, ha
I found out for the first time. X2
Hey, hey, hey, ha, ha, ha
You left me behind.

BRIDGE- Music only-

Shut your mouth got your choker on,
You’re wishing that,
I was here and never gone X4
Shut your mouth.


Written By: Sean Brown

Don’t know what you put in the food, but it made me feel better.
Some bits are so hard to chew, but those last forever.
Swallow all those fears that I kept, down in my gutter.
Na na na na you crept.

Now your beauties disrupting all of my time,
this is not what I call wasting, but you know what’s coming,
you know what’s coming to you.

I guess I’ll see, tales from my future
No love loss since we came to be now my tears come with laughter
So, come down x4

There’s always a danger let love be the savior-
Everyday there is danger, let love be the savior- x2

Don’t know what you put in the food but it made me feel safer
I want to give the moon to you because I have never felt better
So sit with me for awhile and check out how we’re living.
You have such a dangerous smile still each day’s a blessing.

You know you are still disrupting all of my time
If I could only tell you I loved you but you know what’s coming
My love keeps on running to you.

When I Fall On My Face

Written By: Sean Brown

When I fall on my face
When I fall on my face,
I like to capture it all,
In one breathe in the thirty-first frame
Of those old moving pictures you loved so.

CH1- Don’t wish me down X3

I know we had a lot to share,
I’m glad you’re in such good care now.
But it doesn’t change how I got here,
Is life cheaper where you come from?

CH2- Don’t wish me down X3

Knocked from ear to ear,
Third round and I’m out.
When I come too you’ll sneer,
And I’ll wonder how did I do.

My heart is always open,
For you to jump on in.
Or maybe you’d rather jump on it,
A pass time so many share

CH3- Don’t wish me down X3


Sean Brown Debut Album: ready fire aim
Lakeside Soul: Dirty Girl

Set List

three 45 Minute sets are available
two sets is the usual duration
One set, if non stop hits is what your after.

Originals- off Album "ready fire aim"
Only Human
Here and Never Gone
Oh Life
Little Voyageur
A Better Way
All I'm chasing
when I Fall On My Face
Mother Laughs
Got Your Back
Last Chance

New Songs-
It's Collective
Helpless and Blind
All That I Have
That's Enough
Heartbreak and Arrows
Buck Wild
Move on off the Rails
As you Were
Write a Letter

To Be Young- Ryan Adams
Jolie Louise- Daniel Lanois
Mystery Dance- Elvis Costello
Quarter of a Man-David Lindley