Sean Bruce

Sean Bruce

 Sean, Louisiana, USA

"For Bruce, it's all about beginnings, and that wide open vista allowing him to create deeply personal, achingly melodic songs that are at once emotionally raw and suavely cool."
-Cody Daigle, The Times of Acadiana

“This is truly inspired, brilliant and beautiful.”
-David Egan – Grammy Award Winning Songwriter

“Bruce masterfully blends lyrics and instruments to tell a story and to put on a show that’s undeniably best experienced first-hand.”
-Dig Magazine, Baton Rouge


Sean Bruce is an indie folk artist from Lafayette, LA. At age 19, he resigned from the School of Music at the University of Louisiana at Lafayette to pursue songwriting and begin touring. Bruce’s early stab at intricate songwriting has won him a fan base across the region.

Sean released his debut album Daytime Hopes in April 2011. “I didn’t really have many songs when I quit school. I just felt like this was something that I wanted to do and it was the only time to do it. So, I started writing.” Since, he has toured across the southern region of the U.S. playing festivals, venues, coffee shops, and house concerts. In 2012, Sean was invited to play’s “Best World Music Festival”, Festival International de Louisiane. Two weeks prior, he earned a spot on the BMI Songwriter’s Stage at French Quarter Festival in New Orleans. In 2013, he won a national songwriter competition hosted by LARABAR earning him an opening spot for Gregory Alan Isakov in Santa Barbara, California, whom happens to be Bruce’s “biggest  inspiration."

His musical influences include legends such as Bruce Springsteen and Bob Dylan. He combines these melodic influences with the styles of writers like Ray Bradbury and Robert Frost. Armed with an acoustic guitar and a harmonica, Bruce has a great ability to combine story and song, which has garnered credit from Grammy Award winning songwriter, David Egan: ”This is truly inspired, brilliant and beautiful."

Bruce’s new album, Staring at Maps, pt. 1, was record in 10 various locations through out south Louisiana. “I wanted to capture the honesty in these songs. Just putting a mic in front of the moment. I hope people really listen for that.” The songs he chose reflect on place and the effect it has on life. “Place could be geographically or emotionally. I think it’s the reason behind most of the decisions we make.”

Staring at Maps, pt. 1 is set to release on November 18, 2014.


"Daytime Hopes" - Sean Bruce
Release Date April 17, 2011

"Staring at Maps, Pt. 1" EP - Sean Bruce
Release Date: November 18, 2014

Set List

2011 Venues/Shows:

9/22 Bluemoon Saloon - Lafayette, LA
9/28 Cate St. Pub - Hammond, LA
9/30 Gallery Bohemia - Baton Rouge, LA
10/1 Chelsea's Cafe - Baton Rouge, LA
10/3 Neutral Ground Coffee - New Orleans, LA
10/5 Hal and Mal's - Jackson, MS
10/6 Moonlight on the Mountain - Birmingham, AL
10/8 Gnu's Room - Auburn, AL
10/10 Tavern 99 - Atlanta, GA
10/11 Douglas Corner - Nashville, TN
10/12 P&H Cafe' - Memphis, TN
10/14 Words and Afterwords - Hardy, AR
10/22 Artmosphere - Lafayette, LA
11/16 Nitetown - Lafayette, LA
12/2 Chelsea's Cafe - Baton Rouge, LA
12/8 Flipnotics - Austin, TX
12/9 G.I.G. on the Strip - San Antonion, TX
12/12 Bluelight Live - Lubbock, TX
12/15 Opening Bell Coffee - Dallas, TX
12/16 Winestyles the Vintage - Houston, TX
12/22 Artmosphere - Lafayette, LA

2012 Venues:

1/13 Chelsea's Cafe - Baton Rouge, LA
1/21 Smith's Old Bar - Atlanta, GA
1/22 Tavern 99 - Atlanta, GA