Sean Bryant

Sean Bryant


Sean Bryant is a 20 year old singer songwriter. He has played and written his own music since 13, and just finished self recording his first c.d, Us, and finished writing for his second, Aliens and Owls, which he hopes to record soon. Hear demos and live versions of songs from album 2 on myspace.


Sean's music has changed much over the years, as he incorporates every new style he can into it. Yet while doing this, he still finds ways to make it his own. This gives his sound a distinct yet familiar feeling, like waking up from a comforting dream. "Us" was recorded over a half year period by Sean all alone in a bedroom (not his though, go figure). Besides some strings and vocals on Eye Light Moon by a certain Robert Smith, and the vocals at the end of Beach Front Hotel by a certain Tifany Lee, all the instruments and production was done by Sean. The album follows no linear story (or does it?... you decide!), but certain themes do stay present, such as love, death, and hope, amidst the worst of such things. Basically it's about us, whoever that us may be... for some songs, all of us. For a few others, certain people, but in the end, the themes all revolve around things we all feel and what Sean hopes in the end we can all relate to.



Written By: Sean Bryant

Stephanie touches my lips
Eyes closed tight with the sirens pouring through her head.

"We can't be here," she says
"Tomorrow he'll come home, now pass me the bourbon.'
"I'll miss you when your gone, but it's never to early to wait for to long.'
"So don't waste your time singing my songs. Just burn this apartment as he crawls in her arms."

She is lost in the city
He was caught in the city

Fake as the flowers up there on the dash with the scent slowly filling the air.
And I notice how it appears that she wears those same flowers in her hair.

And it all makes sense why she turns her head from one last kiss
So I say, "What about that sunset?
Doesn't it remind you a little of this?"

We are lost in the city

Fine Passing

Written By: Sean Bryant

Album Lyrics (all songs from album in order)

Off the top of my head but at least straight from the source.


The job that slowly breaks your heart, the one who got away.
The government starts running you with bills you cannot pay.
The God you feel you need to praise from fear he'll shoot you down.
The drugs you feel you need to take from hope they'll pull you out.

This is the world we're living in.
Judgment we all seem fine passing.

The coffee that tastes burnt and cold, but keeps you wide awake.
The pay that you can't seem to hold. The cheese the rat can't take.
The empty gold your bank will store. No safety when it ends.
The girlfriend you wish you could hold finds it in other men.

This is the world we're living in, judgment we all seem fine passing.
Cut to the smallest dividend. This is the world we're leaving.

Yea, we all seem fine passing.

Seasons Greetings/The Piano Has Been Drinking

Written By: Sean Bryant

Yea you know I would wait forever, to build you a home with white fences around the sides. Wake your mornings to light music and coffee. Pick you a flower from time to time.

Maybe we'll watch the fish in the river. Take in our share of the twilight. Pray southern passion is enough to give you when the rain falls outside.

I hope you take me.

So when comes the winter, of the years or of our lives. If it's the warmth you need well I figured under the blankets me and you could hide.

In the spring let me take you. Have a glass of wine in the outside chairs. I'll kiss your lips or kiss your fingers. We'll shed our clothes for summer skin.

And I hope you take me.

So yes I will wait forever to wake you up and build that home by your side. Catch the fireflies after the evenings dinner. Lay next to you at night.

In my eyes are your reflections...
For you to find yourself.

Eye Light Moon

Written By: Sean Bryant

Are you sleeping here in my bed? Eye lights wet like ice in a warm fist.
Cover the tracks in the sand that lead you here. Hold yourself still in your skin, and I will hold you dear.

We'll wrap ourselves in blankets and prose, on a bed of strawberry rose.
And when I think no one will be enough, I'll taste your lips on my coffee cup.

Who can take the moonlight? Hang it from the trees, and bathe you in the pale night until you fall on your knees?

Well, I'm in your hands.

I'm wrapped up in your unholy game of counting rings in tree trunk... trading fates.
Eye lights on the horizon somewhere over this cold ocean.
That leads into the night, trailing off into the sky.

And when I think no one will be enough, well I'll taste your lips from my coffee cup.

Who can take the moonlight? Hang it from the trees, and bathe you in the pale night until you fall on your knees?

I'm in your hands... are you sleeping here in my bed?


Us - self released 2008

Can download for free off myspace page

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