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Sean Bryant @ Eddies Attic

Atlanta, Georgia, USA

Atlanta, Georgia, USA

Sean Bryant @ Ragamuffin Music

Roswell, Georgia, USA

Roswell, Georgia, USA

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Sean Bryant – Us
Everything you liked about Damien Rice’s O is bound to attract you to Sean Bryant’s debut album, Us. Similar in that secret whispering melody, Bryant’s effortless vocals favor optimistic innocence rather than Rice’s dejected tendencies.
To put it simply: there’s something about Bryant that is just plain likeable.
His coy vocals on “Seasons Greetings/The Piano Has Been Drinking” and “Cigarette” mutually tickle the ear and flutter the heart. Meanwhile, tracks like “Sleepy Head” display more of Bryant’s versatility.
Fully capitalizing on his scarf-wearing, flower-picking, artsy boy vibes, Bryant leaves you wanting to know exactly where his vulnerability originates.
Aside from a few strings and vocals on “Eye Light Moon” by Robert Smith and backing vocals on “Beach Front Hotel” by Tifany Lee, Bryant is a one-man show—doing vocals, guitar, piano and percussion.
Think: Jack Johnson, without the surf; Samuel Beam without the beard; Tom Waits without the rasp; and Rice without the box of Kleenex. It’s there that the 20 year-old Georgia peach emerges as the next acoustic wonder.
Bryant’s Us is a yes, it’s a hell yes!
Recommended tracks: “The Swan”; “Cigarette”; “Eye Light Moon”
- The Thursday Throwdown, KSUB


Us - self released 2008

Can download for free off myspace page

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Sean's music has changed much over the years, as he incorporates every new style he can into it. Yet while doing this, he still finds ways to make it his own. This gives his sound a distinct yet familiar feeling, like waking up from a comforting dream. "Us" was recorded over a half year period by Sean all alone in a bedroom (not his though, go figure). Besides some strings and vocals on Eye Light Moon by a certain Robert Smith, and the vocals at the end of Beach Front Hotel by a certain Tifany Lee, all the instruments and production was done by Sean. The album follows no linear story (or does it?... you decide!), but certain themes do stay present, such as love, death, and hope, amidst the worst of such things. Basically it's about us, whoever that us may be... for some songs, all of us. For a few others, certain people, but in the end, the themes all revolve around things we all feel and what Sean hopes in the end we can all relate to.