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SEANCASE- (New Breed,Roots Muvment,Roots Records ) is a rapper, reggae artist, producer, and member of New Breed, known now for a series of high-profile hit singles.
SEAN joined De ROOTZ RECORDS, LAGOS at a promising age, where he did his forst original demo. In 2004, Sean, his Producer (JO-THA-GUN),CEDRIQ, A-SHYNE, GEORGIO WESSIDE,SHAYDE,WREN THA ROCKMAN,ANIECAN,GASLAC.
DE ROOTZ was about to release their debut, BACK 2 DA ROOT, but the album suffered some set-backs. Their eventual break-up caused a lot of stirs. SEANCASE soon announced plans to begin a solo career with 2005 . The album's guests will be released to the press much later.
SEAN went on to work with artists including a lot of upcoming artists.
SEAN has written a lot of songs and also produced a load of songs more coming soon.........
In the same fashion,He crafted the FASHION industry with his clothin' lines.......KING SOLOMON'S WARDROBE(KSW) and TICKZ CLOTHIN' UNLTD(TCU).
SEANCASE is unsatisfied. Unsatisfied, despite having an incredible production.
"When I say IT'S LOU'n'TICKZ, it could be referring to more success," says SEANCASE, the lyrical submachine gun of DE ROOTZ RECORD'S arsenal. "It could be more money, Or respect, More power, More understanding. All those things lead up to that crave for more, because my 'more' isn't everybody else's 'more.' I feel like I made it already, because I already got what everybody on the corners of the neighborhood I grew up in is striving to get. God forbid anything happen to me, my family is straight. So anything that happens after this is just me progressing as a person."
SEANCASE's personal progression is seen throughout his demo tracks, especially on numbers like the soul-dipped "RUNNIN'. On the other end of the musical spectrum is the arena-rocking "IN THA CLUB","FOURTH TERRITORY"&"LOVE" ."My concepts follows the same format of RUGGEDMAN'S "THY ALBUM COMES, but it's just me so it's a whole different sound," says SEANCASE.
SEANCASE was born KASALI OLUWASEUN ABAYOMI, and raised in NIGERIA, LAGOS. "My mom is BAYELSAN, my pops is from the West," he informs. That left his mother to raise a young man who was close to 6 feet tall by the 6th grade and who started sprouting facial hair in his early teens. "My mother showed me everything," Sean says. "When I was in the high school , she told me i had the chance to be the man of my dreams." Like many kids in the inner city his age, SEANCASE sought to escape the poverty and death of his environment.
Early on he took to writing various musings--ghetto poetry, loose narratives, nothing quite structured, though he was influenced by rap gods like DMX,JAY-Z and the rest. "I listened to DMX a lot" he says. SEANCASE's favorite songs were DMX'S "DAMIEN" and JAY-Z'S "ENCORE," and "Ruff Ryders Anthem'. The freewriting he had been doing had morphed into full-fledged rhymes, but that was a secret. "I never let nobody know I did it," he says. But he soon got his courage up. "I started rhyming outside and everybody started telling me, 'You should shop your material.' This is before I even got in the studio."
Fronted by Big J, DE ROOTZ RECORDS quickly redefined the urban music industry. They produced a series of songs with original numbers and high-quality artwork, making the discs something more than a bootleg, but not quite an independent release.
"I take pride in that, 'cause I'm not qualified for an MTV Award or a KORA or a Grammys or any of that yet," says SEANCASE. "I got my name through the radio air plays. That's why people know SEANCASE today. That's where its built from. I skipped what a lot of rappers have to go through to get put on. I skipped talent hunts,,' the Lyricist Lounge--I skipped all that. I made my name on the radio, on the streets. And that's the hardest thing to get right there."
Despite so many things going his way, SEANCASE is not prepared to take it easy. "People will tell me all the time, 'Look at your setup. You're guaranteed to make it.' I get upset when I hear that. Ain't nobody guaranteed nothing. I feel like they're looking at the situation wrong, 'cause I don't take advantage of nobody. I don't work less because you're working harder. I work real, real hard even though I know DE ROOTZ's there. He's there, he supports me 110 percent, but I don't want to put no extra pressure on him when I can do it. At the end of the day, I find myself working twice as hard."
Working twice as hard and still hungry.