Sean Cheezum

Sean Cheezum

 Greensboro, Maryland, USA

Take percussive slap acoustic, poppy melodies, and sprinkle on hints of Jazz and blues and you get Sean Cheezum. A completely fresh and original take on folk music, We like to call it "neo-folk".


"Having Just released his 2nd studio recording "Folkin' A" in April of 2010, Sean Cheezum is now taking his music to a new level. He's tearing up the Delmarva Folk scene again with his percussive acoustic Rhythms and Heartfelt lyrics. Now exploring new boundaries, he's going nationwide and hitting the road.
Citing influences such as Ani DiFranco, Erik Mongrain, and Jason Mraz, his self described "Neo-Folk" music is a blend of percussive fingerstyle acoustic, Jazz, blues, catchy melodies and metaphoric as well as sometimes political vocals. This singer/songwriter is one to be taken seriously and not someone you'd want to miss if he's playing at an area near you. Now with his 3rd studio album in the works he says the fans can expect something a little different this time with some of the same flavors.

"I've always been really big into electronic music and hip hop as well as the fusion of genres. I'm trying to blend folk music and other genres into something new and exciting that people will still find somewhat familiar and poppy. Also, I'm picking up an electric guitar for the 1st time on an album and playing w a full band which is fresher than fresh"

His Cd "Folkin' A" is currently available for $5 as well as his first cd "the Beauty of Imperfection" for $5 and "Sean Cheezum LIVE @ the Avalon Theatre" for FREE if you come to a live show and ask nicely. Pick one up at any of his shows or email to get a mailorder copy.THEY ARE ALL INDEPENDENT AND SELF PRODUCED. No record labels here. All proceeds go into recording costs and travel costs.

Sean plays all kinds of shows from house shows and open mics to theaters and festivals. He's now booking dates for 2011.

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news and upcoming show dates. also check out Sean Cheezum @ seancheezum


the Beauty of Imperfection (ep)

Folkin' A (ep)

Sean Cheezum Live @ the avalon Theater