Sean C. Johnson

Sean C. Johnson

 Oklahoma City, Oklahoma, USA

A smooth blend of Neo-Soul, Jazz, and Quartet Harmony infused with Hip-Hop and Gospel.


Gospel’s most noted soul singer Sean C. Johnson has offered music that lyrically takes the listener deep into the Word, music that seeps into your veins and stimulates a grooving rhythmic pulse. His new project continues in that tradition, but explores the outer edges of his own musical margins.

Continuing in his series of musical masterpieces, Johnson latest offering is Simply A Vessel Vol 3: Surrender All. “In picking a title for my CD, I always seem to live that “theme” out in my real life,” Johnson shares. “While recording Vol 2: Faithful I grew in my knowledge that God is always “Faithful”. With Vol 3: Surrender All I was really challenged to surrender every area of my life to God,” he continues. “There were so many things being stripped from my life so much that was uncertain about my future that I really had to learn how to surrender all my concerns and fears to God.”

Sean C Johnson’s Simply A Vessel Vol 3: Surrender All contains a dash of 70’s soul and music that flows hypnotically via Neo Soul ballads and poetically over Hip Hop beats all while continuing to capture the heart of worship!

Contact Info:
Phone- (405) 812-8906


Simply A Vessel (LP) - Vocals, Writing, Production

Simply A Vessel Vol 2: FAITHFUL (LP) - Vocals, Writing

Joy (EP) - Vocals, Writing

Simply A Vessel Vol 3: SURRENDER ALL (LP) - Vocals Writing

GRATEFUL (EP) - Vocals, Writing