sean conners

sean conners

 Newark, Delaware, USA

Acoustic music with a host of influences from traditional country to punk. I prefer to do more orig. music in live sets, but always try to "feel" the audience and have a wide enough repitiore to adapt with my songs or covers... No 2 performances are ever alike.

Biography for a fuller picture and history....Bottom line, if you need an acoustic artist that won' t put your audience to sleep, consider Sean Conners. With influences from punk to country, from buddy holly to pearl jam, Sean Conners covers a wide range of genres in a (mostly) dedicated acoustic format. Give him a listen, you'll be glad ya did!


Crooked Highway

Written By: Sean Conners

Chorus: Sometimes I feel like i'm walkin on a crooked highway (x2)
I know where it turns, i know where it bends, i know where it goes and i know where it ends.


Screaming Mailboxes of Destiny (SMD) (LP)(1986)
Sean Conners 1st Takes (EP) (1997)
Joe's Garage Garage Full of Blues (LP) (2004)
Crooked Highway (S) (2005)
For Once (S) (2005)
Pass By Me (S) (2005)
Joe's Garage - Cosmic (S) (2007)
Don't Like The Rain ((S) (video) (2007)
Crooked Highway (S) (video) (2007)

Set List

have about 100-120 songs available. orig. and cover material in abundance for performance. can perform solo or with 1 or many musicians as circumstances are presented.