Sean Cooney

Sean Cooney

 New York City, New York, USA

Indie roots with shameless pop melodies! I combine, synth, horns, guitar, DnB and random percussion to create fun, electro-pop dance party music. Think David Bowie meets Queen meets Depeche Mode meets Katy Perry. My shows are the most innovative, theatrical performance I can think of and afford!


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Imagine if you will…

The lovechild of David Bowie and Katy Perry ran away from home, met up with T-Pain in Miami, moved to Brooklyn to lay down one of the most ridiculous party albums known to man, “The Last Thing I Heard before the Zombie Apocalypse”.

Cooney, a DC native now living in NYC, attended AMDA to study for Broadway shows and has also played in many professional Jazz bands. His trained voice seems even more at home belting out pop songs as he employs it’s crystal clear, cut through quality in wonderfully innovative ways. Sometimes notching it down a few octaves to fulfill the role of hype master Lil John, other times crooning like a pop hungry Jason Mraz.

Not since the likes of Prince has an artist burst out of the gates with such a fully realized, fresh signature sound. Sean Cooney spent years self producing these 16 songs, locked up in his studio, compressing each kick and snare to sizzling perfection and embellishing every track with crisp synths and whimsical flourishes. It is hard to believe that all the instruments were played by the man himself.

Cooney’s greatest strength is his wild musical ear. Sure, his influences span the gamete of popular music from Queen to Andre 3000, but this young dude is more like a modern day Phil Spector; unafraid to try new things and unabashedly confident in his own unique musical vision. There is a wonderful balance of earnest sugary peppiness and fiery satire on the current state of pop culture. In the entertaining and campy “Party like a Kennedy” the lyrics are sung with mocking grace, while in the lead off single “Brooklyn” the seriousness is again skirted through the grandiose delivery. The crazy thing is that Brooklyn hipsters, Justin Beiber and LMFAO fans will be bumping this CD for completely different reasons with the same level of enthusiasm.

Cooney allows his audience to build their own bridges across indie rock, hip hop and dance by dishing out undeniably good servings of each on top of deliciously well crafted songs. He has created one of the best pop albums of the year and an exceptional debut from a very gifted artist. Watch out world, a Pop Star grows in Bushwick.

- W B


Deja Vu

Written By: Sean Cooney

I want your heart...
I want your heart. I want your soul.
I want to believe like I used to love, before love ever took a toll.
I need your help now honey, I want to fly.
I want to fly (fly fly) away- I try (try) every day
but something keeps on pulling me like gr gr gr gr gravity,
and now I'd live in hell for money, waiting for a sign...

I think I'm having deja vu, like we met before (fore).
I think I fell in love with you twenty times or more (more);
I wanna run away with you (tell me everything).
De de de de deja vu (all your hopes and dreams).
I think I'm having deja vu...

I know your face, I know your fears,
I know you believe in a different way, were made for a better place than
here we're all the kings of small talk,
but you want something more.
You want something more (more more) than just a 1, 2, 3 night stand.
This moment keeps on haunting you like de de de de deja vu.
Our adventure's just a few bad choices away.
Tonight (night night night),
I had the best time of my life life life life. -eh-


(aww yeah!)
It's not a test... this is your life... lets live it up.
Lets live it up. Lets live it up!
D-d-d-d-d-d do you remember me?



Written By: Sean Cooney

Verse 1

If I'm away for very long,
I come back only half as strong.
Let's take the Q to Coney Isle,
And look at people all the while. (yeah yeah)

Oh oh oh oh- oh oh oh oh-

I like Manhattan and I like Craigslist.
I love the Summer and I love Brooklyn.

I love Brooklyn, yes i love Brooklyn.

(This is a J train to Brooklyn. Marcy Ave is next. Stand clear of the closing doors.)

8 million people I'd like to meet.
With 600 miles of subway at my feet.
The price of rent's only half as absurd,
But if you don't pay they'll kick you to the curb.
Tonight's on me, so what'll you have?
'Cause I'm the king of Bedford Ave. (yeah yeah)

Oh oh oh oh- oh oh oh oh-


(1 2 3 hit it)

I love the Summer and I love Brooklyn!
I love the summer and I love Brooklyn!

Oh oh oh oh- oh oh oh oh-

Chorus 3

So Frickin Hot

Written By: Sean Cooney

you're so frickin hot,i wanna write a love song.
you're so frickin hot, i wanna turn you on.
I know you like bad boys and girl I’m a criminal. 
like a thief in the night 
I’m about to steal your heart
woh I'm about to steal your heart woh woh

VERSE 1--------
once upon a time you see
there was a girl who didn't notice me.
she's out of your league they'd say, 
but now she's blowin up my phone all day.

it's how i dated up,
the story of an epic love.
so if you a scrub,
you should listen to me-

(our love)
is gonna be epic

is runnin through your veins

"ll make our heart beat faster

an go straight to your brains


Lets pack up an run away tonight.
you an me like bonnie an Clyde.
gettin by on beans an rice,
livin in a lovers paradise.

treat you like a queen,
cause you the girl of my dreams.
some day I'll be on one knee,
but lets start with a kiss

PreChorus 2

Chorus 3

(hey listen up)

watch out, 
cause girl I'm bout to steal your heart.
--I've been waiting for your love for so long. I've been waiting for this moment.
cause girl I’m about to steal your hart
--I've been waiting for your love for so long. Waiting for this moment.



"The last thing I heard before the zombie apocalypse" 2011
"No Morning In Mind" 2009
"Dandelion in Distress" 2006