Sean Ensign

Sean Ensign


Sean Ensign's music is high energy, masterfully blended dance songs and anthems as well as tear out your heart and soul ballads that move your feet and lift your spirits.



Recording artist Sean Ensign continues to dazzle the music world with dynamite dance hits and torrid love ballads that are producing powerful waves around the globe. His third sizzling single, “Everytime it Rains”, soared to #45 on Billboard's Hot Dance Club Play in October 2007. First released in June by Liberty City Music in the UK, it quickly climbed to #9 on Britain's Music Week Hot Dance Club chart. Sean's artful remake of the Ace of Base classic is now being played on many radio, internet and satellite music channels, including XM BPM and Sirius. Several remixes of the song have been produced by Hex Hector, D-Star, DJ Toby, Julian Marsh, the Electric Allstars and more and are available for purchase at Perfect Beats in LA, Lambda Rising on the East Coast, and Import Express USA just to name a few..

The popular dance video for “Everytime it Rains” is also getting broad international club, television and internet play, including brand new remixes from Promo Only (Electric Allstars Remix) and Demo Productions [Danny Morris] (Hex Hector Remix). Dynamically displaying Sean's passionate voice and sultry movements, the video was filmed on the streets and waterfront of Chicago last July. You can catch the video on Sean’s amazing website or on

The Cleveland-born artist, who writes most of the songs he performs, first struck Billboard's Hot Dance list in July 2006 with his hit single, “It’s My Life (Finally)” the title song from his successful Titan Sounds’ debut album/cd titled “FINALLY”. It's high energy blend of move your body dance songs and heart gripping love ballads quickly earned the eye catching performer a well deserved reputation as a fantastic up and coming male sensation on the dance music scene. This was quickly confirmed when his second single, “Without You”, landed on various dance charts around the world. Sean has also worked with and opened for Kristine W, Ru Paul, Bonnie Pointer (of the Pointer Sisters), Inaya Day, and Jenna Drey.

Sean is now preparing to release his fourth single and video “I Wanna Be With You”, this early Spring 2008. It has proved to be one of the most frequently requested songs from his debut cd, and was heard throughout America in Abercrombie and Fitch clothing outlets during the 2006 Christmas holiday season. This incredible forth single is being remixed by Mike Marcello (Rizzo), The Electric Allstars, The Klubjumpers, Shanghi-Surprise and DJ Wolf. The sexy singer plans to follow up explosive past live performances in New York, Miami, Washington DC, the Chicago area, Las Vegas and many other locations with additional appearances in the coming months.


2006 Sean Ensign ~ FINALLY (Full Length)
2006 "It's My Life (Finally)" Maxi Single.
2006 "Without You" Maxi Single Maxi-CD
2007 Everytime it Rains Maxi-CD
2008 I Wanna Be With You Maxi-CD

Set List

Set go from 3 songs to 9 songs. Time wise 14 minutes to 44 minutes.