Sean Fullerton

Sean Fullerton

 Baldwinville, Massachusetts, USA

With 6 & 12-String Acoustic Guitars, a 6-String Dobro, percussive guitar style, Blues harmonica, live looping, and burnished vocals, Singer/Songwriter Sean Fullerton performs Acoustic Blues, Folk, Rock, Soul, and his own original music.


Sean Fullerton has been a successful professional musician, singer-songwriter, recording engineer and producer since 1995. Sean has performed in a wide variety of venues, and for many weddings, parties, charitable and corporate events throughout New England. He was a member of several acoustic duos and bands, including The BaysicS (a duo with his brother Adam), and Worcester's Tribute To The Beatles, Yellow Submarine. In 2008, Sean chose to become a solo artist.

Sean Fullerton has accomplished many things throughout his career. He's released CDs of his original music, performed on several cable TV broadcasts, recorded and produced several Christmas compilation CDs, and provided vocals/guitar/harmonica on others' CDs. Among other standout highlights:
- 2002: Sean was asked to appear in and supply original music for the film "Getting Out Of Rhode Island" (
- April 15, 2004: Sean had the pleasure of opening for MEN AT WORK's Colin Hay for his solo peformance at The Lucky Dog Music Hall in Worcester, MA.
- 2006: Sean became an official member of the 'Down Home Blues', a non-profit society showcasing local Blues musicians.
- 2007: Sean became an official member of the American Society of Composers, Authors and Publishers (ASCAP)
- 2009: Sean's dream Beatles project, 'Beatle Wood', came to life. Teaming up with two long time friends and fellow Beatle heads, they've formed the ultimate acoustic Beatles trio. More to come about that.
- 2010: Sean was voted the 2010 Worcester Music Awards "Best Solo Act"! What an honor!

What can one expect when hiring Sean Fullerton? A competent and professional musician/singer, professional grade equipment, punctuality, and flexibility. References available upon request. Sean's live shows are fun, exciting, and audience participation is always encouraged.

Sean Fullerton is currently staying busy with a variety of live shows, as well as writing brand new music and recording tracks in his home studio called Plaid Couch Studio. Sean is very thankful to have met, worked with, and performed with such talented musicians over the years, and looks forward to what the future will bring.

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Down With You

Written By: Sean Fullerton

Down With You
by: Sean Fullerton

V1) Well I need to tell you how it is you make me feel right now.
The things you do, they turn my head, on bended knee I bow.
Ya got me so completely. I’m under your control.
So push my buttons. Flip my switch. You tell me to, I’ll roll.

V2) It’s the never ending battle of taking that first step.
But when I do, I know that you and I will connect.
I never felt this way before. You bring me to my knees.
It’s the wanting of you, longing for you, and the parting of the seas.

Br) All I wanna do, is to follow the path that leads to you.

C) ‘cause when you look into my eyes, you can see it’s no surprise,
that I wanna be down with you.
You’re so intense to be around. You’re the happiness I found,
and I wanna be down with you.

V3) Yes it could be a little sometime before I make a move.
But when I do my love for you is something I must prove.
I can’t think of another way I’d rather spend my time.
Jesus gimme a break girl, you try and write these rhymes.

C (reversed lyrics)


- RooK (1997)
- No Time Out (1998)
- 3 Years On The Couch (2002)

Set List

I have almost 200+ songs, both original & covers. I usually don't take breaks unless for technical equipment issues. Acoustic Blues, Folk, Rock, Soul, and my own original music.