Sean Harkness

Sean Harkness

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A former Windham Hill guitar virtuoso, Sean Harkness will amaze even the most discerning audience with his incredible cross-genre compositions and performance.


The guitar work of Sean Harkness is best described by the title of his first solo release “Aloft” (Windham Hill). Sean’s sensitivity and understanding of his instrument, his gift for creating soaring melodies, and his stunning ability to flawlessly impart these musical gifts to an audience is no less than awe-inspiring.

Schooled at the Berklee College of Music, and then by some of the finest guitar instructors in North America, Sean has become not only a standout acoustic new-age jazz composer and performer, but also a multi-instrument session player of monster cross genre ability and appeal. The Renowned new-age label Windham Hill recognized his incredible skill, and signed him.

While signed to the Windham Hill label, Sean was featured on fifteen artist compilations and his own solo release, touring with several of the signature Windham Hill Solstice tours. In his session work, Sean has backed and produced more than sixteen artists (from blues to classical) in North America, Asia, and Europe. Since leaving Windham Hill, Sean has released three more solo works to critical acclaim and toured the world as an on-stage musician with the Broadway musical “Swing.”

There is truly nothing that this musician cannot do. There has never been an audience, large or small, that Sean has not been able to captivate, amaze, and delight with his work.


Artist Releases
Trio of One - SoSo Records
Aloft - Windham Hill
Summer Solstice* - Windham Hill
A Winter's Solstice VI* - Windham Hill
Summer Solstice 2* - Windham Hill
Thanksgiving* - Windham Hill
Summer Solstice: Sun Dance* - Windham Hill
Here, There, and Everywhere* - Windham Hill
Winter Solstice On Ice* - Windham Hill
Through the Years with Windham Hill* - Windham Hill
Summer Solstice - Windham Hill, Provident
Simple Gifts* - Windham Hill
Flamenco - Windham Hill
Windham Hill 25 Years of Guitar - 'Touch' - Windham Hill

Session Work
Debut (30 years of Hits) - Kei Ogula - Gazeher (Japan)
At Home - Cherish the Ladies - RCA
Men in My Life - Allison Fraser - Original Cast
Now Available in Stores - Georga Osborne - Original Cast
Slow Down - Gilles Chiasson - Original Cast
La Traverse - Sandra Reid - Lyrichord
Amour - Jai Banderos - Compose
L'Affaire - Jai Banderos - Compose
Summer Solstice* - Windham Hill
A Winter's Solstice VI* - Windham Hill
New Morning - Lisa Lynne - Lavender Sky
Winter Solstice On Ice* - Windham Hill
Celtic Love Songs - Susan Craig - Winsberg Craig Records
Come to Me - Amy Platt - Craftone Productions
This is America - Stevie Holland - 150 Music
Bloozotomy - Bloozotomy - Happy Head Records
World Tree - Long Haired Boy (Chad Hollister) - Walnut Lane
Chad - Chad - Walnut Lane
Shades of Mundane - Monique Winstanley - Widget
Arabesque - Rudy Roberts - Edel Music(France)
Blow It All - The Reverend Nathan Brady Crain - Whsyrddy Productions