Sean Hayden

Sean Hayden


Organic singer-songwriter rock with sultry smatterings of Pop-Jazz.


With most independent artist’s first release there is an expectation of incompleteness and lack of confidence in who they are, but music artist Sean Hayden shatters that preconception with his self-titled debut release. Although this album began its’ conception in a tiny bedroom in Boston, MA, where he used his mattress as sound proofing from the train just outside his door step, the end result radiates the exact opposite and it only takes the title of track 2, “Show You My Way” to realize that this is no wannabe basement bungler.

Despite being only 22 years of age, the BC homegrown artist has a versatility and depth of maturity to his music that sits somewhere between Dave Matthews Band & Jamie Cullum. The eight-track EP was recorded in Boston, MA at Mix One Studios, where many famous artists (such as John Mayer & Aerosmith) have been past clients.

His music can be described as organic singer-songwriter rock with smatterings of his Pop-Jazz background. His guitar sound is sultry-sweet, while his lyrics reflect thoughtful and thought-provoking life experience. Top all this with the heady backing of colorful drums, daring bass lines, sensitive piano and exciting saxophone and you get an intoxicating brew that satisfies any palate.


Sean Hayden - EP

Set List

Sean Hayden's repertoire includes originals and select covers. Easily able to manage three hours of music.