Sean Hodge w/ High Heat

Sean Hodge w/ High Heat


Great songwriting and amazing jams?!?! Singer/songwriter/guitarist Sean Hodge has put together a group that can handle both. Sean Hodge w/ High Heat mixes many styles but remains committed to great melodies and hooks you can take home with you. A jam Band with a concept.


When Peter Lull of SpaceNug Presents came across the Golden Garden on the UC Berkeley campus, Sean Hodge's guitar was screaming out into the halls of the empty art department. This fantastical week of non-stop music was the beginning of an era in Berkeley. Peter introduced Sean to Adam Bowers, Steel Guitar, and High Heat was formed at the Boom Boom Room in San Francisco. After a year of playing as an acoustic duo or trio, the band began to play electric sets. With Ryan Lukas on bass joined by Brian Huston on drums, the group is setting stages aflame.

High Heat has enjoyed residencies at the Boom Boom Room in San Francisco, the Sweetwater Station in Larkspur, Ashkenaz in Berkeley, and Peri's in Fairfax. The group recently shared the stage with Country Joe McDonald, Pete Sears, and Wavy Gravy. Other performances include the Starry Plough, Beckett's, the Ukiah Brewing Company, Country Joe's Cafe, the Sweetwater Saloon, the Pelican Inn, the Yosemite Bug, and Blake's on Telegraph. The band is booking exciting shows up and down the coast for 2009 and is looking to extend its reach beyond the Bay Area.

NOTE: Sean Hodge w/ High Heat is essentially 2 bands in 1: an acoustic trio with an extensive repertoire of original music and unique covers and a high energy, melodic electric band.

The acoustic trio is Sean Hodge, Adam Bowers and Ryan Lukas. The group has its own small PA and can play small dinner gigs, headline small venues, and play support for larger venues on nights with folk, bluegrass, or Americana. This group showcases skillful songwriting, beautiful vocal harmonies, and exquisite instrumentals.

The electric band is Sean Hodge, Adam Bowers, Ryan Lukas, and Brian Huston. This group is looking to book venues of all sizes. The band showcases funky folk rock with catchy melodies. It is full of musical landscapes stretching out and enticing the listener on a journey beyond expectation.

Sean grew up in Delaware. He began playing the trumpet at the age of 8. Throughout grade school Sean was focused on music, learning the bass, drums, piano, and eventually guitar. In his late teens guitar took over everything and Sean dropped out of school to play all day. Years of traveling with no direction, minstreling for other wanderers, and hitch-hiking with a flute or a mandolin formed Sean's songwriting voice. In an abrupt shift, Sean went back to school and through California Community College, got into UC Berkeley's music program. Sean studied classical music until it hurt, and discovered the folk melodies that weave throughout so many cultures worldwide. During his time in Berkeley, Sean has grown his fan base substantially, playing for many years in the CAL co-ops and on campus events. Sean has played in bands with a number of up-and-coming Bay Area musicians such as Eliot Randall, Matthew Hansen, and Rob Riley of Fauna Valetta. Sean has a solo album called Fever Dream recorded by Rob Riley at Underfoot Studios in Emeryville,CA


Don't Think

Written By: Sean Hodge

I haven't been out in such a long time
I can't remember how long anymore
Seem to be scared to go outside
My mind's been laid out on the floor

Take for granted you'll lose you way
things won't turn out the way they planned
don't be scared to go inside
your heart is only trying to say

Don't think, free your soul from the bonds of self

From east to west they roamed around
is there some disease they can't cure
they keep looking on the outside
they don't even know what they're looking for

look around are you the one
has this all been staged for you
can you see the puppet strings
forget it all lets have some fun

Don't think, free yoursoul from the bonds of self


Sean Hodge Solo Album: Fever Dream
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Set List

Our set lists vary, we can do a full night of electric music with three 1 hour long sets. Typically we play 1 set, about 1hr 20min long with all original music (possibly 1-2 covers).

Most recently at The Ashkenaz we played a 1 hour 15 minute all original set that looked like:

Life's a Beach
Drink It Up
Hold Me Through the Night
I Won't Let You Down
Go Back
Work Together
Don't Think

Songs that we cover sometimes:
The Thrill is Gone (B.B. King)
Eyes of the World (Grateful Dead)
Out on the Weekend (Neil Young)
Soul Rebel (Bob Marley)
Sweet and Dandy (Toots and the Maytals)
The Harder They Come (Jimmy Cliff)
Fearless (Pink Floyd)