Sean Hutton Supershow

Sean Hutton Supershow

 Burlington, Vermont, USA

The Sean Hutton Supershow! Delivering maximum fun, maximum pleasure and maximum rock and roll to the audience of supreme greatness, super-coolness and unparalleled awesomeness!


A deep dark voice from beyond calls upon the Sean Hutton Supershow to save the world from an oncoming asteroid on course to destroy planet earth. The all knowing forces from beyond have discovered the only force in the world that can divert the asteroid is in the electromagnetic musical vibration of the Sean Hutton Band, a small time bar band from nowheresville USA. In order to save the world, the omniscient forces transform them into rockstar superheroes with super heroic powers! Thus the Sean Hutton Supershow is born, touring the world, writing number one songs and reaching the ten million ears necessary to reflect the vibration of the Supershow sound and divert the asteroid, thus saving the world and delivering an awesome barrage of super-fun rock and roll in the process!


Fate of the World - Album

Set List

1. Birth of A Supershow 5:24
2. Seeds On the Street 2:43
3. Mondo Superstar 3:31
4. Phenomenal Sensation 2:28
5. Sky Kings 4:45
6. Coolsville USA 3:44
7. Shazam 2:55
8. Marvel Thunder 3:18
9. Plymouth Barracuda 2:41
10. Quebec Girls 3:27
11. Glittershow 2:59
12. Fate of the World 4:15