Sean Nicholas Savage

Sean Nicholas Savage


These days Savage composes and releases about two albums a year. He's been described as having the look, voice and songs of a bird – all three attributes make him one of the most watchable, listenable, and interesting entertainers of tomorrow.


Sean Nicholas Savage is driven by the magic of the voice. Originally hailing from Edmonton, Canada but
now a fixture of the Montreal music scene, Savage uses his instrument to effortlessly express both the
strength and fragility of the human experience. In his writing, Sean has the keen ability to articulate the
intricate emotions of everyday life and romance with a measure of specificity and maturity uncommon
to most singer-songwriters.

A prolific and dynamic artist, Savage has released seven albums since 2009, ranging from the classic confessional folk of Movin’ Up In Society (2010) to the trippy AM romance of Trippple Midnight Karma (2011) to the caribbean future punk of Won Ton Jaz (2011). This rapid rate of output mirrors that of the great songsmiths (Lee Hazlewood, Joni Mitchell, Scott Walker, David Bowie) that he follows in the footprints of. Savage chiefly works in service of what each song requires, never constrained by the barriers of a specific genre.

His most recent release Flamingo is a wistful, intimate journey to the center of the soul, a self-produced
effort that displays the development of both Savage the man and Savage the artist.


Chin Chin

Written By: Sean Nicholas Savage

kiss tiny chin chin in the mornin
that's the way the day begins and dims
almost with nothing in
cept a cheeky chinny feeling
naked in the cold fluorecent light
reflected in your mirror at night
begging you to give to me
that crazy feeling
kissin again
chin chin
cheeks belly and your chest
i'll be kissin you again
i sit upright drippin trippin
turn away and forget everything
kiss that tiny chin chin boy
too many ways to see a sin
fifty angry mountains in a day
one by one they melt away
licked up by my ginny grin
hangin over your sweet chin chin


Flamingo (2011) Arbutus Records
Won Ton Jaz (2011) Arbutus Records
Trippple Midnight Karma (2011) Arbutus Records