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More Than Maybe

Written By: Sean Isbell

I can’t help but wonder about this joy that I hvae found
Still I can’t help but question if we’ll make the second round
Now I won’t make excuses or a promise I can’t keep
Bottom line, I think it’s time to make a giant leap

From where I am to where you are, To find our common ground
And search a while together, For a love that knows no bounds

I don’t know how you can do it baby ’cause your
Kind of lovin’ is drivin’ me crazy and I
Need to know if I’m chasing a dream or if I’m
Somehow wasting time

I want to know there’s a chance that we might be but I
Need an answer that’s more than a maybe if you’ll
Give me something to let me see if maybe
Someday you’ll be mine

My words they are not empty, there’s a love that won’t turn cold
It never quits and it never fails, Gets sweeter as you go
The more I think about it, well the less I understand
We’ve climbed these hills and yet you’re still, Afraid to take my hand

And trust me with your hopes and fears, And all your wildest dreams
Let’s leave the past behind us, And forget its troubled schemes

© 2004 Sean Isbell