Sean Leon

Sean Leon

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"I want to deliver my product, the music, on a whole new level. I want to take it further then anyone has ever taken it before..."

Spending close to a decade developing the 'Ninelevenne' sound, Matthew Sean Leon, from Ajax, ON, continues to push the limits and expand the genre. Inspired by tastemakers like Kanye West, and rock legends such as Kurt Cobain and Jim Morrison, Sean provides his audience with a complete musical experience using a wide range of production with no limitations. Sean's debut project, "Ninelevenne, The Tragedy.", is the first page in his pursuit of perfection. Ninelevenne is available now for download/stream via.

"I want to leave a mark on the world, I want to transcend, I don't want to do forgettable things, I don't ever want to be forgotten. I want to live forever." - Sean Leon


Ninelevenne, The Tragedy (July/2013)