Sean Jackson

Sean Jackson



Organist and pianist Dr. Sean Jackson is a Doctoral graduate of The Juilliard School , New York, where he also received his Master of Music degree in 1999.

A native of the beautiful island of Barbados in the Caribbean, Dr. Jackson left his homeland in 1992 to pursue a Bachelor of Music degree at the Royal College of Music, London. Since then he has performed in other West Indian islands, the United Kingdom, Northern Ireland, Germany, Taiwan, China, Canada, and the United States of America.

Dr. Jackson began his musical studies at the age of five and by the age of eleven had won his first gold medal in his country's National Independence Festival of Creative Arts. In recognition of his outstanding contribution he was subsequently awarded the National Youth Award from the Barbados government, and went on to receive numerous prizes and awards both at the undergraduate and graduate level including the Parratt, Walford Davies, and Geoffrey Tankard organ prizes, the Douglas Whittaker Chamber Music Prize all from the Royal College of Music; the A.H. Kuhn Memorial Scholarship, the 1999 William Schumann Prize, and the C.V. Starr Doctoral Fellowship from the Juilliard School.

In October, 2000, while still a student, Dr. Jackson won an organ competition at The Juilliard School which entitled him to perform Stephen Paulus's Organ Concerto with the Juilliard Symphony at the Alice Tully Hall and was featured again with the Juilliard Symphony at the Lincoln Center in November 2003 with a performance of the Saint-Saens Organ Symphony. Other notable appearances include a performance as guest organist with the New York Youth Symphony in Carnegie Hall, appearance as a featured artist in the International Concert Series at Trinity, Wall Street, and a solo performance at The Washington National Cathedral, 2006. Highlights of his 2007 upcoming performances include a debut performance at the Kimmel Center, Philadelphia, a performance at the Frank Collymore Hall, Barbados in celebration of the Central Bank’s thirty-fifth anniversary and a performance at the Shanghai Conservatory of Music in June.

Dr. Jackson spent six years as Assistant Organist at Trinity Episcopal Church, Wall Street, New York, where he recorded with the Trinity Choir on the Naxos label. In August, 2004 he assumed duties as Director of Music at the St. John's Episcopal Church, Stamford, Connecticut where he recently recorded and launched his debut CD, Sean Jackson Plays Organ Favorites: Volume I. Among his tutors are: Nicholas Danby, Gerre Hancock, John Weaver (Organ) Peter Katin, Jacob Lateiner (Piano).


He Is Love

Written By: Sean Jackson

He Is Love

Verse 1
Trying hard to fathom His amazing love,
Love without a limit, so graciously poured out on me,
I knew my undeserving soul did nothing that could earn,
This love so full and free from Jesus my Savior and Lord.

Chorus 1
So I asked Him why He loved me,
I asked Him why he came to die for me,
Was I really worth the cost, He paid on Calvary?
So I asked Him why he loved me,
Even when I nailed Him to the cross,
Then He answered tenderly,
“I love you child, because, I am Love.”

Verse 2
I struggled to accept a love I did not earn,
Grace so freely given, but at the cost of Jesus’ blood,
Waiting patiently for those who call upon His name,
He hears our every cry; He’ll answer our prayers from on high.

Chorus 2
So just ask Him why He loved us,
Just ask Him why he came to die for us,
Were we really worth the cost, of suffering on the cross?
So just ask Him why He loved us,
Even when we shouted crucify!
He will answer tenderly,
“I love you all because, I am love.”

To love each other this is how we should respond,
May His pure love shine out from us.

Chorus 3
So I know just why He loved us,
I know just why He came to die for us
While we were yet sinners He would suffer infinite loss,
Yes I know just why He loves us,
Even when we nailed Him to the cross,
This I know within my soul,
He loves us all because, He is love.
He loves us all because, He is love.
© 2007 Sean Jackson

My Savior's Love

Written By: Sean Jackson

Verse 1
There’s a joy deep within my heart; it’s driving me to sing
Of a love that satisfies me like no other.
Like an ever-flowing stream that brings forth life to all the trees,
This is love that makes my life worth living all my days so

Now, as long as I have breath,
And a song within my heart,
I will sing for your glory.
Now, as long as I have strength,
To glorify His name,
I will sing of My Savior’s Love.

Verse 2
There is nothing in this world that can compare to what I have,
In the love of Jesus Christ my Lord and Savior.
I can’t keep it to myself I’ve got to let it all flow out,
‘Cause I know I’ll have His love for now and evermore so (Chorus)

It makes no difference who you are or where you’re from,
This is love that breaks down barriers across the world.
When we see what he did for us upon the cross,
How could anyone ignore his love?
Come, embrace it! (Chorus)

© 2007 Sean Jackson


Sean Jackson Plays Organ Favorites: Volume I