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"Patiently Waiting to Blow"

He might be slim in stature, but he's BIG in vision. Infinite Prince is turning out tracks and setting the stage for big things. Although his main pursuit currently is getting a distribution deal, the Prince says, "I want to monopolize the game, have one of the biggest labels." His recent single, "What," has been getting airplay locally, while the Hawaiian Florida transplant optimistically predicts him and his manager N'Ron as "the next Dame and Jay." The self-described underground MC is constantly evolving. Starting off as a Christian MC, the Prince plans on blessing us with a heavy rotation of his upcoming singles. He's also got other things planned, like his upcoming album "Turning Point," and mixtapes of freestyles and unreleased tracks. Like most artists, Infinite brags, "This album is really different." What's so different about it? Well, for one thing, he doesn't curse in his rhymes, and he's pushin' a style that can't really be categorized. Wearing many hats, all the way from engineer to artist, this MC has got seven years under his belt and he's not stopping now! –Mikhale Richards - Ozone Magazine

"Xpoz Mag HH4D mixtape review"

Sean Jay is a brash, arrogant bastard who big-ups himself like a self-motivational speaker. It's that same arrogance that makes him such a dope MC. On his latest release, the Hawaiian microphone wizard casts magic spells on tracks like "On Fire", "I'll Be Around" and "Brown Sugar", making them his own by bending and recreating them with his verbal wettener.DJ Skream keeps the energy high, while guests like Pitbull, Greg G, Big Mike and DJ Elite confirm the tide of Sean Jay's high word water. Some of his homeboy's verses couldhave been washed away from this mix and not been missed, but I guess you have to put your crew on too. The bonus track "Hang Loose" is a nice aniticipation builder for Jay's next album "Back to Square One". - Joe Walker
- Joe Walker

"Star Bulletin Turning Point review"

Sean Jay (formerly known as Infinite Prince) is an expatriate who did some underground projects here before relocating to Florida in 2003. Straight narrative lyrics are the foundation of this collection of 17 tracks assembled with the input of several producer/ mixers and guest MCs. There are no complex melodic hooks, but Jay gets solid musical support throughout.

Jay is apparently coming from a Christian background. This isn't one of those hard-core Christian rap albums, but the vocabulary is strictly PG-13, and Jay and his guests never pose as pimps or "playas," or brag in graphic detail about their sexual prowess.

Even though a vignette about a bitter young man who unwittingly fathers a child by his long-lost sister comes off as a bit melodramatic, the rest of the album rings true with the insights of a young and articulate hip-hop artist making his way in a dangerous and sometimes hostile world.
--Jon Berger

- Jon Berger

"Sean Jay's HipHop Roots Goes Deep Into the Soul"

In a time where their are more "same ole" rippers than original rappers, Sean Jay surfaces with a style of Hip Hop/Rap that seems to be amassing a heavy following. Far from the staple of Gansta Rap and hardcore representation of the thug life, Sean Jay tapped into a growing scene of non-violent Hip Hop.

Sean Jay (formerly Infinite Prince) haled form the North Shore of Oahu. His education was taken seriously and attended top schools. He went to Sunset Beach Christian for elementary and finished up at Hanalani and Redemption Academy for high school. Infinitely, his lyrical influences we're brought forth through the guiding light of teachings absorbed at his various schools.

The 1st time he grabbed a mic was at Word Of Life Christian in 97. He used to rap in a group called Posse on a Mission. Rapped in front of crowds of 6,000 at the age of 14. He also did choreography and acting for Word of Life. He leads his own group The Kingdom and manages his artist Daewon (who resides in Hawaii). He's also apart of a group in Hawaii called Big Break. You can catch his songs on Jimmy Taco's Mind Tactics show and DJ Goodvybe's mixshows and clubnights at Venus.


"A Talk With Hawaii's HipHop Ambassador"

1. Being the Ambassador of Hawaii, how are you trying to promote the
Hawaii is my home and I love it very much. I represent Hawaii in everything I do, if its not music related. Being born and raised in Hawaii, I naturally show the aloha 24/7. When I have to go through ID checks, I got a Hawaii Driver License. When people want my contact info, the first 3 digits is a 808. With that also, comes the stereotypical image of Hawaii being this ultimate undeveloped paradise. I'm seriously trying to break that image. I'm not saying that its "hardcore" down here and I'm not saying its "soft". I just want to show Hawaii's true colors of being one of the most diverse places on the planet PERIOD. With all the ethnic backgrounds living in Hawaii, it really shows the "mixtplate" culture that we see everyday down here. To us thats from here, its nothing new. But in the mainland or continental U.S., its something totally new. So I just want to show the world that Hawaii is more then a island paradise getaway. I'm showing that there's actual substance and reality here. The 808 base needs to be put on the map

2. G mag or Sassy Magazine
Since I am the ladies' man, I would go with Sassy Magazine just to see what the ladies are into and whatnot (SMILE).

3. Best thing about being a world famous Hip Hop Artist?
I would have to say its the recognition and the love, especially from the fans. I'm honestly still new to the fame and I'm not immune to it at all. Its crazy living in Hawaii for 19 years and don't receive the public recognition at the time, but to come back and get all kinds of people knowing who you are... it blows my mind to this day. I enjoy it all though. Every bit of it.

4. Worst thing about the fame?
The hate and jealousy!!! good lawd!! Like come on, leave me alone. Its funny for people to put their effort to try and ruin me. And whats more funny is that they actually think they're contributing to damaging me. I say a big number of these people that gives me the anamosity is people that I knew personally and use to see on the daily basis. These are people that I was tight with on top of that. Though it doesn't hurt, but makes me smile at the situation. And with all the fronting aside, it all comes down to jealousy. I just don't think its called for. Mean you don't have to fully support me because I'm not even asking for that from them. But just let me be. Some of dudes be calling my voicemail, leaving emails, threatening me and my clique. I might not agree with their whole thing BUT you don't see me being on their every move and whatnot. I got a life too. Whats worst is the people that has no idea whats going on and they going around talking to the people that does and makes the situation worst. Not to be foul but just leave me alone and focus on what yall have to do. At the end of the day, all the hating is pure entertainment to me. I'm not mad at them. I enjoy the drama. It flatters me because I honestly don't see how some can put that much effort into someone else's life and honestly get nothing out of it at the end of the day. Like they say, if they hating then you must be doing something right. If not, then they would have no reason to hate.

5. one (or more) things you miss about hawaii
First is the food. When I came back in March for my tour, thats all I did was eat as much as a can. Unfortunately I got high metabolism and it doesnt' show (laughs). Second thing is the women. You will appreciate all the beautiful wahines when you leave the 808. No offense, but the females in the states have no aloha. Well, maybe just where I'm at.

5. Best new artist in Hip Hop
On the mainstream circuit, I would say The Game. He impressed me alot with his album, The Documentary. I remember when I first heard "Dreams". I was like "Damn, I wish I came up with this song". Mike Jones is one guy to be on the lookout. He's probably one of the artist you have to respect no matter what. Mean, dude sold like around 30,000 copies of each mixtape INDEPENDENTLY. Thats when he was signed to no label. Same goes to all the other up and coming rap artist from the south like Slim Thug, Paul Wall, and Z-Ro. Be on the lookout for Bump J as well.

6. Favorite Movie?
I got a few. First off, Training Day is one of my all time favorites!! Denzel did a awesome job. The movie had too much quotables. Momento is another favorite just for the fact of the genius of coming up with the concept. Boomerang with Eddie Murphy is a movie I can always pop in and watch as well.

7. Worst movie?
Pootytang... no comment needed.

8. Where do you get your inspiration?
God always is a natural inspiration. That shouldn't even be explained why. My current family and especially the security for my future wife and kids is a big one too. I just don't want to see my family struggle for nothing. I say myself as well because it takes alot of self discipline to be in this game. You have to be strong minded. Nothing is better then you telling yourself, "you can do it".

9. What is a day in the life of Sean Jay?
It starts off with me waking up around 4 in the afternoon after a long night of whatever happened (laughs). Then I read my fan mail and answer all of them because I luv the fans very much! Next is jumping in my Scion coupe and grabbing some grinds; but sometimes I would just stay home and cook. Then its onto working on what I got scheduled at the moment; whether its a interview, rehearsal, studio sessions or meeting. If I have enough time after, then its ending my night with a special someone or chilling with my friends.

10. Worst place you did a concert at? Best place?
Worst place would have to be this little coffee shop thing I did I awhile in Orlando. Mean it wasn't bad but at first it just look like it was going to be hell. From the jump, I was expecting more of a underground hip hop crowd, but when we get there its nothing but old people. I'm like "Oh my gawd, I have to change my set because some of these songs won't be in the likings of the crowd". But at the end they enjoyed the whole set and I also sold some albums that night. The best place of course would have to be home, Hawaii!! I enjoyed the two weeks I was down there for promotions. Best time of my life!! Nothing like the aloha spirit!

11. Phat ride or Dope cloths?
Phat ride of course. You have to get the nice whip. Because girls don't like a guy in nice clothes being iced out, but then he gets in a embarrassing ride. You're fronting off the jump!! Save up for the ride, and then get the fly threads. Everything has to be consitent when it comes to image.

12. Jay Z or Damon Dash?
I would have to go with Jay Z since I'm a rap artist myself. I know my boy N'ron would pick Dame because they can relate on a business level. Yes, Dame was the true business mastermind of Rocafella BUT Jay Z was the pure backbone of the label. Meaning without him, Dame wasn't bringing in that much money anymore. So when Jay retired or Dame got the word, he had to sign all these acts. But its sad to a dynasty come to a end. I believe Rocafella was a big influence to all up and coming artist and labels.

13. P Diddy or Russell Simmons?
Even if Diddy has more money, I'm going with Russell because he's the originator. Russell is a pioneer and well respected figure in today's hip hop.

14. Marc Ecko or Enyce?
Ecko!! I always loved Ecko since the first day they dropped. Even when it wasn't named Ecko. Damn, I can't remember the original spelling they had. Anyways, Ecko totally defines Urban wear in my eyes.

15. if you where not an MC, what would you be doing?
I probably either be doing something wtih computers or living a life as a successful psychiatrist. I love computer technology and pyschology! Recently I've been reading alot of stuff online dealing with psychology in relationships and love.I always had a high interest in that area. I also have a love for audio engineering, but I just can't see myself in the studio for 22 hours working on somebody else's music.

16. What song is on your cell phone?
Oh you know that one song... hmmmm its called "Hang Loose" by Sean Jay. Yeah, that song is soooo meaaaaan!! (laughs)

17. If they were to make a movie about your life, who would play YOU?
Damn, I couldn't picture anyone else. So I would say me. Mean come on, who else can land Sean Jay on the dot. There's only one me!!

18. Most romantic thing you did for a girl?
I believe it was Valentines Day 2003 and the girl I was seeing at the time lived a hour away and didn't have a ride. So I picked her up and brought her back to my apartment. When we got there I already had this nice shrimp fetticini candle dinner ready with a Dozen of roses. After the delicious meal, we continue the night with slow jams and a bubble bath.

19. Most Interesting person in your cell phone?
I got alot of phone numbers and contacts. Sad to say, alot of them I don't even remember who they are. On the real, my manager N'ron is the most important contact. The lady of my interest at the time is always a insteresting contact for me. And thanks to the hackers of Paris Hilton's sidekick, I had Jay Z, Bow Wow, and Lindsey Lohan's number on my phone (laughing).

20. If Shaq and Kobe where to battle on the mic, who would win?
Ewwwww. Honestly the last time I heard Shaq was a very long time ago. I believe I haven't even heard Kobe spit. But base on intimadating your opponent, I'm rolling with Shaq as my choice. - Sassy Magazine

"Ozone Mag Hiphop for Dummies review"

Sean Jay, formerly known as Infinite Prince, displays confidence on tracks like “Hawaii Hop,” where SJ clearly has no problems being in his own skin. Some of the jacked instrumentals from national and regional hits are really vital to the effort, like “Lean Back,” “On Fire,” “Hood Hop,” “Ridin’ Big Yo,” “The Champ is Here,” “Jesus Walks,” and “Locked Up.” Sean Jay is on fire with lines like “See what you got, bring on your best demo / Get a burn mark as long as a stretch limo / Sean hard enough to make your man retire / Denzel been hell, I’m a man on fire.” Full Impact’s DJ Skream is the host, with appearances by Raw Dizzy, Rev Run, Pitbull, and a few other solid up-and-comers. Sean Jay is trying to pioneer hip-hop in the 50th state and has no qualms about repping it, but I do believe he holds some contempt for another Hawaii native which is documented on tracks like “Hawaii Hop,” “Lean Back,” and “The Champ is Here.” Sean Jay’s life is fully documented on “In the Spirit” and “Hustle,” covering all the real-life issues an aspiring artist experiences. This is hip-hop you can think to, not just smoke to. – ADG

" Turning Point review"

Sean Jay's (formerly known as Infinite Prince) new album entited The Turningpoint is an eclectic mix of hip hop beats with R&B hooks and samples. The album features collaborations and hidden tracks that offer listeners a mix of unique and fresh hip hop.

The album was executively produced by Sean Jay himself with the help of James & N'ron. DJ Slique mastered the tracks. Sean Jay's style is smooth and his lyrics are seamlessly paired with beats that match.

With lyrics like,"Have you seen my mobile device/girls think I'm talkin to a Gameboy with a mic/never used a gameboy in my life/I only 2-way dames with this 2-way game/and I'm the flyest boy on the mic/all the girls say I'm the finest boy that they like/get neck like a bat thats avoiding the light..." Sean Jay's 1st single " What " produced by Kollective Music's Anikan, is cleaver and light-hearted. The single has already invaded Orlando airwaves on 102 Jamz and was 1st played by DJ Prostyle. This track definetely has potential to blow up in every city, not just Orlando.

"Heaven Sent (my love)" was produced by Epidemmik. This single will capture the hearts of the audience. "I know in fact we'll always be together/cuz when I look at your face-I see forever/I'm on your side/whisper words in your right ear/tell God one of his angels sittin right here..." This single broadens his lyrical assault- giving the ladies another reason to listen to his album.

"Never Say" is an animated, lively song that starts off with a hook that resembles the one in JayZ's Hard Knock Life single. Lyrics like. "Some claim that they love but they bringing the hate/Some kats think they playaz but they really get played/Some say hip hop is dieing that is silly to say..." tell a story of untold words. The beat is slow-paced and clean, and the track was also produced by Epidemmik.

All in all, the album features breakthrough production with a cutting edge lyricist. This sophmore album gives fans of all aspects of hip hop something new and different. Sean Jay is one to watch out for-his talent will definetely push him to take it to the next level with more albums in the future. On a scale of 1-5, The Turningpoint deserves a 4.
- Pearl Daacon

"Hawaii Hiphop at its Best?!"

In a music world where music is too often classified as "white" music or "black" music an eminent artist not wearing the darkened skin tone that is traditional of hip-hop is a rare occurrence in this genre. Basically, with the exception of Eminem and Vanilla Ice (sarcasm), non-black hip hop artists making a positive influence to the music is as rare as an honest politician. Yet, as you are reading this a new breed is being birthed. In this breed hip-hop is disassociating itself from the idea that it is a black man's art form and leading the pack of this legacy in the making is Sean Jay, the first Hawaiian emcee that I have EVER heard of. Born and raised in Hawaii and now residing in Orlando, Florida, Sean Jay. to go along with his talent, possesses a trait that so many artists today, famous or not, lack... ORIGINALITY! Hearing his rhymes as the mold together so smoothly with his fresh melodies and head-bobbin' beats leaves the listener 100% satisfied. Sean Jay's talent is showcased in his latest album, "The Turningpoint," which is jam packed with 17 amazing tracks of pure music and a sound that is unique. Quite frankly, "The Turningpoint" is one of the best albums from a "local talent" that I have heard in a long time and Sean Jay one of the best artists. Sean Jay is destined for big things in the world of music and time will see him climb the ladder to hip hop success. This artist is living proof that hip-hop is not a black man's art form... or even a white man's art form, but simply an art form that can be mastered by any race. I urge everyone to pick up their own copy of "The Turningpoint." More information about Sean Jay and his album can be found at, so be sure to check it out. Peace, love, and good music.


2001 Journal of a Broken Heart (LP)
2003 The Turningpoint (LP)
2004 Hip Hop 4 Dummy's mixtape
2005 Grand Theft Audio 808 mixtape
2006 Bak2²1 (LP)
2006 Itunes Ready Vol. 1 (Online-Only mixtape)
2007 I'm Not A Rapper Mixtape



Over the years, we have seen hip hop go through many changes. Change is a thing that people fear; but at the sametime, they like it because it's something new. Well, have you heard hip hop out of Hawaii? Sean Jay, known as "The Ambassador of Hawaii", has a goal to show everyone what Hawaii has to offer to the music world. Born and raised for 19 years on the North Shore of the Hawaiian island of Oahu, Sean Jay is a true "island boy by heart". Now at the age of 21, Sean Jay resides in Orlando, FL, and plans to bring the aloha to the states.

Growing up on Outkast, Nas, Wu-Tang and Jay Z, Sean Jay started rhyming at the age of 12 in a local church ministry. Leaders in the ministry were amazed at how he good he was for his age. They said it looked too natural. While being in the ministry, Sean Jay performed on stage in front of crowds of 4,000, wrote 3-5 songs a week, and taught himself how to engineer songs in the studio. After developing more of his craft, Sean Jay started getting know around the island for freestyling and entering in m.c. battles. In the meantime, he also flooded the local hip hop scene with 4 homemade albums. Sean Jay also had the opportunity to open up for Talib Kweli when he came down to the islands for a show.

In October 2003, Sean Jay moved to Orlando, FL, to pursue his trade. Even though getting a college eduction was the main focus, Sean Jay still worked on his own music. While being in school, Sean Jay came across up and coming entreprenuer, Kevin Hutchinson- known to everyone as N'ron (CEO of Theme Muzik Entertainment). Now being the first artist under Theme Muzik Entertainment, Sean Jay starts his quest to shake the hip hop world.

Performing for numerous local car shows, opening up for Black Eye Peas at Sea World, and touring on Van's Warped Tour. Sean Jay was leaving a distinct mark in the minds of his audience with his "natural" delivery. You might even catch Sean Jay rocking an aloha shirt and grass hat when performing "Hang Loose (Hawaii's Anthem)". With the help of some DJs, Sean Jay has been hitting the local Orlando mixtape market and getting play on some major stations across the states. Even the name was getting a lot press from Ozone Magazine, Sassy Magazine, G Magazine, Honolulu Star Bulletin,,,, Legacy Magazine, and many more. Of Spring 2005, Sean Jay flew out back to Hawaii to promote in his hometown. Only having 3 shows booked for the tour originally, Sean Jay had 3 more shows added less than 24 hours of getting off the plane. Not only did he receive that hometown love, but he had around 800 people saying “Hang Loose!”.

Sean Jay has been making an impact of being a fine representation of Hip Hop from Hawaii to the rest of states. With changes from leaving his hometown, to unknown territory. Sean Jay continues to carry that "change" that will affect the music industry. For so many years, people haven't seen what Hawaii really has to offer. Hawaii has been a place that's been looked as a vacation spot for many years. Let Sean Jay show you how the Aloha State really gets down. As long as Sean Jay is alive, the effort of putting Hawaii on the map will be in effect!!