Sean Kobuk

Sean Kobuk


Indie rock with funk/hip hop influences and spiritual lyrics.


I grew up listening to everything from James Brown to the Ramones and have always loved music that has power and intensity.

This year I joined a new band called The Sutras on secong gtr and have also put together a group of my own with members of local bands IY and Fairway. It's indie rock meets groove so I guess you could call it "Indie Groove".

I am a deeply spiritual person and my songwriting reflects that in a more obvious way these days. Music is my life and has saved me many times over so I want to share it with as many people as possible.


Dead and Done

Written By: Sean Kobuk

We built the fort.
We built the fence
We made the law.
Stop making sense
We left our baggage
and took the claim
We sold our image
for the fame

I’m dead and done with this x 4

We read our books
and poetry
We sank our hooks
in morbid themes
We spent our time
in our prime
Weeding out
the truest crime


Is this the mark
that we made
Is this the part
that we played
Is this the scene
and did we mean
To carry the torch
or burn it clean


Lost Boys

Written By: Sean Kobuk

These good old boys are way too young
to wear these bar room crowns
Kings of their own obscurity
acting like clowns
When opportunity comes their way they always swerve from the fear
In their own lives they’re MIA
when success is near
They disappear
because they’re

Lost boys in a loser town
They saddle up but they’re on the ground
Lost boys in a loser town
They’re always here but they can’t be found

Don’t try to shake them right out of it
they’ll only make you feel dumb
For calling out the royal guard
to sweep away the crumbs
You know they love to celebrate with bitter laughter and cheer
Another artfully dodgy day
capped with a beer
year after year

Lost boys in a loser town
They saddle up but they’re on the ground
Lost boys in a loser town
They’re always here but they can’t be found

Some hope they’ll play their hand one day
but they’ve been bluffing so hard
That it was easier to stay
holding their cards
Till they turn to shards
cuz this joker’s on you because we’re

Lost boys in a loser town
We saddle up but we’re on the ground
Lost boys in a loser town
We’re always here but we can’t be found

Lost boys x 3
Lost boys in a loser town

Push and Shove

Written By: Sean Kobuk

Sugarbear was unaware that in his thoughts and in his stare
He had a pot of gold to mine for someone who was so inclined
Many were the doors that closed before he was yet nine years old
He saw his mother lose her breath to someone she once loved the best

All he knew from love
Was push and shove

Let’s give this man a second chance a little room to move advance
He’s not the devil we believe just look back at his history
When he was a little child they said he was a little wild
So teachers put him in a class with all those kids who never pass


Push and shove
Push and shove away

Now that he is six foot five I know it’s hard to sympathize
When all you’re hearin’ from his mouth could turn your hearing inside out
But that is just the armor used by someone who has been abused
I hope next time you cross his path you take the time to do the math



CD - "Angels in the Rearview Mirrror"

Push and Shove:

WMNF Tampa
WICB Ithaca

Dead and Done:

104.7 FM iRADIO LA,
Pop Punk song of the day on (hit #1 on The Best New Songs on IAC) , KWLF, Hits of Tomorrow(alongside Teenage Fanclub, Rogue Wave etc.)
KIAC top 50 alongside Aimee Mann and Ani DiFranco for over 12 weeks last year.

Lost Boys:

Honor award from the Great American Song contest in the Rock/Alt category.

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Set is usually 45 mins. I've occasionally thrown in some covers Radiohead, PJ Harvey, Hole or something more obscure.