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"Sean Kobuk"

Anyone whose musical tastes align with well-rounded, solid alternative rock will undoubtedly fall in love at first listen with Sean Kobuk. Hailing originally from across the continent in Noorvik, Alaska, Sean's path has ultimately led him to a spot in the roster of I-town Records - a record label showcasing such local talent as John Brown's Body, Sim Redmond Band, Crow Greenspun, Thousands of One, and other great bands.

Sean's most recent endeavor "Angels in the Rearview Mirror" was produced and engineered by Matt Saccucimorano at Electric Wilburland studios and was released in 2004 on I-town records. The album spans a dynamic musical spectrum: the songs are skillfully constructed and arranged, and Sean's lyrics are insightful, intelligent and poetic. He has an ability to craft original, introspective music while appealing to the tastes of the average music fan. His particular style seems to be unique in this region’s rock scene, acquiring himself a niche for those who want more than the average. "Angels in the Rearview Mirror is a complex and complete work, emotionally charged and nourishing. The album offers value and profound meaning for those who seek it.” says Papa Muse.

While some musicians cannot live up to their studio recordings once onstage, Sean's live performance is inspiring and captivating. At this year's Musefest he will play solo on the acoustic stage, exposing the true nature and unfettered expression of his convictions. For more information on Sean Kobuk check out his official website

written by Zack Schoedel - Musefest magazine 2006

"Angels in the Rearview Mirror - Review"

Angels In the Rearview Mirror highlights Sean Kobuk's skills as a guitarist more than it does as a singer/songwriter, fortunately his skill as both is considerable. Kobuk's music is laid back and relaxed without a hint of pretension, he plays with the heart of someone singing on a street corner. In other words, he's doing it for the love. The lyrics on many of the songs are pure poetry, what little lyrics there are that is. If I had to compare him to a mainstream artist, I guess it would have to be John Mayer. There's something in the voice there that reminded me of Mayer, but Kobuk's skill with the guitar supercedes any further comparison. Plus you're probably not going to be embarrassed if you get caught listening to Sean Kobuk on the bus.

Written by Adam A. Donaldson

"Review in the Underground Spotlight"

Sean Kobuk
Angels in the Rearview Mirror
2005 I-Town Records

Grade: A

Sean Kobuk’s first full-length release on I-Towns Records shows his diverse influences and honest musical talents. Sean has been lived in many different parts of the US and has seen himself in various musical settings. His eclectic experiences show clearly here.

This 13 track CD, comes in just under one hour in length and contains touches of rock, pop, and
electronic styles. For the most part you could say it’s a rock record, but with broad borders. “Push and Shove”, “House of Cards”, and “Dead and Done” are just a few of the songs that could easily find themselves in regular radio rotation.

Fans of Switchfoot, Foo Fighters, and similar bands will
probably enjoy checking out Angels in the Rearview
Mirror, with Sean Kobuk. -

"One of the best records to come out of the indie rock scene in Ithaca, NY, USA"

Sean's lyrics, beats and chord choices are always surprising me. Along with musicianship and skill, it takes courage and conviction to push what are essentially guitar songs into the realm of might and muscle so evident on this record. I'm so happy when I discover a singer-songwriter whose inventiveness and voice are so irresistible. Sean's debut has got it all: great playing, great songs. One of the best records to come out of the indie rock scene in Ithaca, NY, USA-- or anywhere, for that matter -- in the past few years. I'm a fan. - Patti Wittten


CD - "Angels in the Rearview Mirrror"

Push and Shove:

WMNF Tampa
WICB Ithaca

Dead and Done:

104.7 FM iRADIO LA,
Pop Punk song of the day on (hit #1 on The Best New Songs on IAC) , KWLF, Hits of Tomorrow(alongside Teenage Fanclub, Rogue Wave etc.)
KIAC top 50 alongside Aimee Mann and Ani DiFranco for over 12 weeks last year.

Lost Boys:

Honor award from the Great American Song contest in the Rock/Alt category.

Podcasts and Blogs:

The Search For Inspirado: Unreciprocal Rochambeau,, The Hype Machine,, tag-radio.


Feeling a bit camera shy


I grew up listening to everything from James Brown to the Ramones and have always loved music that has power and intensity.

This year I joined a new band called The Sutras on secong gtr and have also put together a group of my own with members of local bands IY and Fairway. It's indie rock meets groove so I guess you could call it "Indie Groove".

I am a deeply spiritual person and my songwriting reflects that in a more obvious way these days. Music is my life and has saved me many times over so I want to share it with as many people as possible.