sean macdonald

sean macdonald


tragically cunning pop.


Sean Macdonald has put out 2 critically acclaimed albums on Nettwerk Records, and 1 independently. he has played with beth orton, kinnie star, lily frost, luke doucet, and some other acts that i can't remember right now. his material has appreared in the films "Men With Brooms" and "Kissed". He was nominated for male vocalist of the year at the prestigious Georgia Straight Awards (2002). Sean is from Winnipeg.

Kieran Adams is a U of T jazz program graduate, and has studied african drumming with the Ewe tribe in Ghana. he has played with sarah harmer, matt barber, andrew rodriguez, kevin turcotte, micheal ochippinti, and stuff like that. Kieran is from Newfoundland.

Jeremy Little has played with burt neilson band, full white drag, spooky reuben, peter elkas, and has toured canada more times than he can count. Jeremy is from Toronto.

Peter Chapman is the sole proprieter of Milkshake Music, has played in the midways, with jason collette, lily frost, peter project, bodega, and writes hugely successful jingles to pay the bills. Peter is from Halifax.

this quartet has been together since march 2006. all four members like playing with themselves, though they prefer playing with each other.



old & grey

Written By: sean macdonald

old & grey

hold me fold me like a xylophone
taste waste me like you do at home
we're not old yet
we'll take all that we can get

hold me fold me like a schoolyard chum or a foe
twist me fist me like a barbie doll or a ken
we're not old & grey
that's about all that i can say

why don't you open your eyes you're covered in lies
you took the silver spoon from a dyslexic moon

it's not fair
but we're
not judges


my baby

Written By: sean macdonald

my baby don't care for human races
my baby don't care for hepKat places

she's as disenfranchised as the next girl

my baby don't care for pinto beans
my baby don't care for hipster scenes

she's just as pomo as the next girl

my baby don't walk on all fours
my baby don't worry about her pores

she's just as civilized as the next girl

she said go take a hike
so i did fly kite
with a pocketful of jonsies

well that just left me dry
and made me want to cry
all the horses now are ponies
all the ponies now are phonies

my baby don't care for fancy clothes
my baby don't care for the holy ghost

she's just as rational as the next girl

what me complicit? you complicit!

Written By: sean macdonald

hey bungalow biff,
ask me what if, mi compadre

hey bungalow bob,
when does it stop?
oh, do tell now.

"we're lost in the rain
addicted to pain".
are you serious?

i'm stuck in my bed
i can't stand my head
oh, conundrum!

and you think it's all act
oh come on now!

yeah right, i'm just playing
at wanting to die
it's so fun.

hey bungalow bill,
what did you kill?
i'm all ears now

we're just doing our best,
rumsfeld and i.
can you dig it?

i'm stuck in my bed.
i can't escape my head.
oh catastophe!

and you, acting like your shit don't stink.
oh, come on now!

i've seen you driving your tank
up to the bank.
who you fooling?

we're lost in the rain
making out with our pain.
oh, conumdrum!

and you think it's all a game.
oh pullleeez!

keep singing to yourself
"i'm not to blame"

it's the jingle of our age
"i'm not to blame"

it's such a catchy phrase
"i'm not to blame i'm not to blame i'm not to blame i'm not to blame".


the ids - Nettwerk Records - psycho babylon - 1997
sean macdonald - parasites & kings - Nettwerk Records - 2000
sean macdonald - MFS - demographic blues - 2003

Set List

set A :: a bunch of songs - 45 minutes.
set B :: a whole wack of songs - 1 hour 30 minutes.