Sean McGrath

Sean McGrath


It's a cross between Nick Drake, Jack Johnson, and Damien Rice. My music is all acoustic and completely laid back.


My voice is pretty calming, and the songs I write are meant to chill people out. Most of my time is actually spent on the lyrics. They usually start off as poems. I started playing as a way to get those words out. When I realized I could do it well, I started playing charity events and raising money for UNICEF and the Red Cross. All the money from my first album went to those two charities. Lately, I've been working on the new album for the past year, and the new songs seem to be doing very well live.


This summer, I had a song with my friend, called "Set the Scene" that was released on a compelation in Europe. Some of my music has also found it's way into local films. Other then that, myspace has helped a great deal in spreading it around.

Set List

1.Old Fashioned Hearts
2. In the Evening
3. Under the Same Moon
4. Zeus
5. Over Night
6. Castle Walls
7. Another Lonely Day (Ben Harper)
8. Current Situation
9. Tires On the Beach
10. Seretonin
11. Mother Teresa