Sean McMorris

Sean McMorris


Melodic Pop Rock - Influences include Neil Finn, The Beatles, U2, Mike Scott and others


Born in Paris, France. Living in NYC. Currently performing with Lazy Lions and The Monkeyshine 9.


Cheep, The Story of a Cricket

Written By: Phyllis Demarecaux

Once upon a time, there was a cricket
Who lived in the middle of a Texas thicket
He had no business being there at all
A cricket should live in a hole in the wall
He would cheep and cheep
And make such a clatter
That the unaccustomed thicket would soon begin to scatter
And the poor, poor cricket would have to roam again in search of a thicket home

The same thing would happen when he set up his clatter
Couldn't the poor cricket guess what was the matter
With the thicket home gone, he'd shiver and shake
To such an awful extreme, you'd think his back would break
The colder he'd get, the louder he'd cheep
The farther away the thicket would creep
He'd move along after it any way
His progress becoming slower day by day by day
Until at last he heard the cheeping call of a female cricket who lived in a crack in a wall
Of course he crept over to investigate the female cricket who was to become his mate

They live together now in that crack in the wall
But its limited space seems somewhat small
To a roving cricket who's lived in a thicket
So after each rain, with meticulous care
They move outside for a breath of fresh air
And if you listen closely, you can hear their cheep
In bed at night before you drop off to sleep


PEG - a self-produced LP of original pop/rock recorded with bandmates John Hegner and Jon Lederman.

The Blondes, Inc. - LP Produced by Richard Lloyd with bandmates Baxter Clement, Bill Britelle and Joel Morales.