Sean Moore

Sean Moore


Mr. Moore's compositions are filled with soaring highs and solemn lows with a taste for dynamics only a classically trained musician can create. His lyrics blanket the songs with a sincerity hard to find amongst the MOR excess found in today's music.


Sean Moore was the ripe age of five when his parents enforced mandatory violin lessons. Although at the time, he was frustrated and unwilling to accept this, it turned out to be just the jump start Sean needed to ensure his now-prominent classicist approach to songwriting.


Visibility Anxiety

Written By: Sean Moore

I don't require you to say that I am your out of the ordinary confidant
I don't place words on display just to feel or mean something that I don't really mean to say
please don't ask more than I can give, it's not the time
a tragedy occurs within my mind

I can destroy beyond repair the things I seek
they probably shouldn't have been sought by me
I can elope from having bright light flights
they've strapped me in, I'll cut the cord

clearly is not for me
apologies particularly forgone
all wrong...all wrong...
so long...

oh look, there goes a day or 12 or 24
I don't believe I'm feeling feelings anymore...


2005 - Funbalaya Summer Sampler (Independent)
2006 - Post Records & Friends Present: OLE! Compilation (Post Records 011)
2007 - Signs of Potential Life LP (Post Records 013)