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The best kept secret in music


"AOL Digital Cities West Palm Beach"

"If modern acoustic folk rock is what you're craving, singer Sean Michael Mormelo's crooning and guitar strumming fits the bill." - Rebecca Stopoli

"Sean Mormelo "Troubadour""

Record Reviews

(Published: October 1, 2004)

Sean Mormelo "Troubadour" 8888

I had listened to Sean Mormelo downtown at The Alley, and as soon as I learned he was planning a gig at the Snow Goose, I knew I'd be there, admiringly, expectantly. For this singer-songwriter with skillful plucking fingers and a voice saturated with soul, it would most certainly be worth it.

The show was a release event for his second solo album, "Troubadour." On it, Mormelo's voice, seamless and elastic, is his greatest asset. One senses the monumental force he stacks behind each note, pushing, forcing it out, bending it every which way with conviction and ardor aplenty. The majority of the album has an acoustic R&B feel, but Mormelo ventures into country music and folk territory as well.

His lyrics tend to fall neatly into either the life-wisdom category ("Trust the universe to be your guide," "Everything means nothing at all") or the sweet-guy love-song category ("I'll stand in your doorway/ While the others fade away"). I prefer the second because they're the ones that ring traditional, not trite. The backup vocals featured on most tracks have a smidgen of pop-cheesiness potential, but fortunately they usually don't live up to it, instead lending a quality of wholeness to an album that could have been hollow -- nothing but a guitar and a guy, albeit a talented one. On the other hand, the track "Listen" smartly makes use of that simple format to showcase Mormelo's instrumental skill. This album will stay in the CD player for a while.

-- Lillie Dremeaux
- (8) Entertainment - Anchorage Daily News

"Singer Mormelo lives up to title of 'Troubadour'"

Singer Mormelo lives up to title of 'Troubadour'
By Bill Meredith

Special to The Palm Beach Post

Friday, February 03, 2006

Troubadour is an appropriate title for singer/songwriter (and part-time Floridian) Sean Mormelo's 2004 sophomore CD.

The New Jersey native moved to Florida just before high school; moved to Alaska from 1995-1998, and then came back to our area before venturing west to California in 1999-2000. He rolled back here again, releasing his 2002 debut CD Real, then moved back to Alaska the following year. The resulting Troubadour is probably the only disc ever to be recorded in Boynton Beach, Jupiter and Eagle River, Alaska.

In March, the singing guitarist will take a month to cross both the U.S. and Canada, doing even more driving than playing while heading back to Anchorage for more northern exposure. That is, after he finishes recording his third CD — Welcome to the Former U.S.A. — locally. In contrast to Troubadour, an infectious, hook-filled pop/rock travelogue with tunes like The Ride and Long Way From Home, Mormelo will include twists on the new disc that could benefit yet another planned move — to Nashville, the songwriting capital.

"It's much different," he says. "It's geared more toward alt-country; more twangy and less rock than Troubadour, since that's what I've been into lately. The songs are more straightforward, with less glitz and changes; more stripped-down." What remains the same is the South Florida rhythm section of bassist Steve Argy and drummer George Lilly.

Mormelo was planning on shelving music in Alaska and becoming a firefighter, citing frustration with the South Florida scene, before the Troubadour songwriting muse struck. His irritation with my own critical review of Real (June 2002), which featured his one-man-band approach and drum programming, got back to me through our less-than-six-degrees-of-separation. But a mellowed Mormelo admits that the live drumming by Lilly, plus the harmonic cohesion added by Argy, made Troubadour a better recording.

"I was such a stickler, but I'm not like that anymore," the affable songwriter says. "Now I just want to play with people I like, and who like me." With the March cross-country dates looming, plus planned college touring with the North American Collegiate Association (NACA), Mormelo is certain to play for quite a few such people, over several states, in the near future.

See Sean Mormelo perform with his uncle, veteran South Florida singing guitarist Jimmy DiBattista, at 8 p.m. each Thursday in February at Nicole's Village Tavern, 12300 S. Shore Blvd. in Wellington. Phone: (561) 793-3456. On the Web:

- The Palm Beach Post TGIF

"Accident Hash -Podcast #53"

..."I don't think he's going to need any luck (in Nashville), this guys got talent!" - C.C. Chapman

"An Evening Not Soon Forgotten"

... "And dipping further into the acousitc singer-songwriter scene, Sean Mormelo's CD release party at the Snow Goose was one of the best nights of music all summer. Special guests Jody Mills, Mike Gorder, Jared Woods and Will Johnson created an evening not soon forgotton." - AK This Month - Rob Shatzer

"Alaskan Troubadour to Release CD"

Anchorage Daily News

(Published: July 16, 2004)
When Sean Mormelo arrived back in Alaska a little more than a year ago, he was seriously considering canceling his musical ambitions and starting a firefighting career.

"I was burnt out. I couldn't write, I didn't want to touch my guitar," Mormelo said.

He'd spent the past year in his old Florida stomping grounds, establishing himself as a "five or six nights a week" performer but creatively melting down in the process. He needed a break and longed for Alaska, where he'd lived from 1995 to 1997.

Mormelo still isn't a firefighter. His career title remains "professional musician," and while he isn't making a firefighter's living, he is paying the bills by playing his music.

And he's happy. He's particularly happy today, on the eve of the release of his new album, "Troubadour." He's so happy, he's planning a tour to support the album. A big, long tour Outside, far away from the responsibilities of the everyman.

"It was either (tour) or definitely join the fire department, for sure," Mormelo said with a laugh. "I'm ready to put it together now. That's really the last time you can realize it, right, at 33 years old?"

Mormelo says he feels more like 23. A year of breathing Alaska air has done wonders for the Florida boy. Well, besides helping give him pneumonia last winter. But Mormelo's finally back to 100 percent physically and creatively. And he'll need his health because he's going to be busy for the next few months.

The madness starts with Saturday night's "Troubadour" release party. The jam goes down at 9 p.m. at Snow Goose Theatre. Tickets are $10, and CDs will be available for $10, or $15 for a special two-pack of Mormelo CDs: "Troubadour" and his previous release, "Real."

"It's scary; I don't think I'm hugely known well in this town," Mormelo said. "(Snow Goose Theatre) sounds a little big to me."

No worries, Sean. Fellow troubadours and acoustic music scenester magnets Jared Woods, Mike Gorder, Jody Mills and Will Johnson are scheduled to open the show.

After the release party, the real work begins. Mormelo plans on shipping out 500 CDs and press kits to strategically placed college radio stations and media outlets, establishing a buzz and blazing a tour route for later this year.

Mormelo can hardly believe he's releasing an album right now, much less planning a tour.

"Once I got up here, my head cleared up in about three months," he said. "I started playing again. I enjoyed it. And I started working on the new album. Thank God I left Florida."

The problem was, his tightest musical partner still lived in Florida. So Mormelo pounded out as much of the album as he could at his home studio in Eagle River and then flew to Florida to hook up with his buddy, a drummer, and a hired bass player. Mormelo wrapped the project where it started, in his Eagle River living room.

The result was a CD that cost around $10,000 to create and a 12-song finished product that covers Mormelo's acoustic-rock stylings, though it doesn't exactly fit in with Anchorage's standard acoustic singer-songwriter fare.

"It's so different; I feel like I'm from the outside a little bit," Mormelo joked. "Not in a bad way. Sometimes I just feel like I'm more rock than these guys. But they've all embraced me and they think it's cool, from what everyone's told me to my face."

Mormelo said one early review called his music radio-friendly. Asked what he, an independent artist who wrote, recorded, mixed and mastered the project himself, thought of that mass-appeal assessment, Mormelo didn't hesitate in taking it as a compliment.

"I don't wear the indie underground badge of courage," Mormelo said.

And he still doesn't wear a firefighter's badge, either.

For more on Mormelo, visit

Got music? Want Alaska to hear about it? Get your CDs, press kits and gig announcements to Daily News reporter Josh Niva. He can be reached at 257-4328 or
- Anchorage Daily News

"Multi-instrumentalist releases new CD, sings about life as a troubadour"

From an early age, fate edged Sean Mormelo toward a career in music. He grew up in a musical family that encouraged him to play instruments and write songs. That background followed him to college where he studied subjects ranging from science to pre-med. After several sidetrips, music finally called him to the crossroads.
“I was going to go to chiropractic school in Atlanta,” said Mormelo in a recent phone interview. “I kept thinking Atlanta is a cool place to go to school because it has a great music scene where I can gig and stuff like that. Then I realized I was choosing school based on the music scene, which had nothing to do with going to chiropractic school.”
Since that pivotal moment, Mormelo has never looked back. And after returning to Florida a couple of years ago, he released his first solo album, “Real.”
A reviewer from CD Baby wrote: “If you enjoy classic rock and roll, with passionate guitar riffs and heartfelt, meaningful melodies sung with conviction, this CD is for you. A true musical virtuoso, Sean combines the best of his varied influences into his songs . . . . ”
On Saturday, July 17, Mormelo will celebrate his much anticipated sophomore release, “Troubadour.” The title is appropriate, since he has spent much of past few years in constant motion.
“I’ll live in Alaska a couple of years. I’ll cruise to California, and then I’m back somewhere else before returning to Alaska,” Mormelo said. “I never seem to be able to slow down or stop anywhere.”
This wandering minstrel way of life has helped establish his street cred. Highlights include showcase slots at the 2002 Nashville New Music Conference & USA Songwriting Competition. In addition, he took the stage at the Sunfest in West Palm Beach, Fla.
“Sean Michael Mormelo played rock with a gritty edge … his voice could take him far,” wrote a reviewer from The Palm Beach Post.
Pinpointing Mormelo’s style can be tricky. While he is associated with rock, he also blends blues and acoustics into his sound. To boot he plays a multitude of instruments – acoustic electric, and bass guitar along with keys, percussion and harmonica just to name a few. Melodies and harmonies also play a big role. Mormelo seeks a rich and complex experience unlike that of other top-40 or pop musicians.
Always on the move, he plans to tour the state after the “Troubadour” release party. A changeup of musicians like Rod MacDonald of Delray Beach, Fla., and Jared Woods from Anchorage will tag along. Mormelo will also tour colleges, festivals, music conferences, and clubs across the country.
At the same time he keeps his musical career in perspective. Success shouldn’t be measured by label names and media attention, he said.
“If your goal is to play music and make records without having to work at, say, Borders Books and Music, then you’re successful. It doesn’t matter how ‘big’ a success you are.”
With a “give-go” attitude, Mormelo encourages all Alaskans to support local artists by attending concerts and purchasing CDs. More often than not, local artists get second-hand treatment simply because they do not get the same airtime as pop and top-40 artists, he said.
“The thing about local artists is that they are not afraid to try new things. They offer better diversity and richness to their music. It’s better than most of songs on the radio nowadays.”

SEAN MORMELO celebrates his new CD, “Troubadour,” with a concert at 9 p.m. Saturday, July 17, at the Snow Goose Theatre in Anchorage. Tickets are $10. Check out or contact Laura Thayer with Full Refusal Music Group at 907-350-8643 for further information.
- AK This Month - Rachel Kvapil

"Miscellaneous Reviews"


Reviewer: Laura P
This CD is by far the best I have heard this year. Each song tells its story and takes you for a ride through the artists life. It exceeds any expectations I had in every way. Favorite song? Not sure yet but think it will be Long Way From Home, I think we have all been there.

Reviewer: Shawn
The CD blew me away, the songwriting and musicianship is steller

Reviewer: Will Johnson
Troubadour has some of the best songs I've ever had the pleasure of listening to. If I had to pick a favorite it would be Buy Me Someone, but all the songs feature excellent craftsmanship by a true musical artisan. If you want an album by which to measure all others this is the one. Do not hesitate, get this CD!

Reviewer: Marietta Reid
The songs are awsome. The music is uniquely different and the harmonies are exceptional. Great to sing to and great to dance to also. This is one CD that reaches the mind and soul. Sean is a one of a kind musician.


Reviewer: Don Francis
Sean's new release, "Real," is his best yet. If you enjoy classic rock and roll, with passionate guitar riffs and heartfelt, meaningful melodies sung with conviction, this CD is for you. A true musical virtuoso, Sean combines the best of his varied influences into his songs, meanwhile creating a sound that is truly original and often poignant. And it rocks!

Reviewer: Ultrastar / Chad Palmer
We had the pleasure of playing with Sean here in Florida before he moved to Alaska - We loved him then and we love him now! This recording is the closest I have heard yet to capturing the rich songwriting and talented singing ability of Sean. If you are into interesting music - Buy it!

Reviewer: Laura Pearson
CD is best work to date. Feel lyrics and music are a representation of the depth of the artist. Lyrics are emotional and real, can relate to each song. Nice variety of soft rock and arranged on CD too keep you interested.

Reviewer: Frankie Hodovan
Great songs, great music, great voice!!! There's nothing else to say, except hope to be hearing a lot more of this guy!!! PUT HIM ON THE RADIO!!!

Reviewer: Michele Allison
This CD is an excellent compilation of music. It really showcases how eclectic his musical influences are. He is EXTREMELY talented and it really shows through on "REAL". You will LOVE this CD.

- Fans


"Real"- 2002 10 song full length EP
"Troubadour" - 2004 12 song full length EP
Live CD Release MP3's - Available on website
Live CD release DVD - Spring 2006

Radio airplay:
Regular Rotation
Various Internet Radio Stations
KNBA, Anchorage AK

Show Name Date Played Episode Name Song Played
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Feeling a bit camera shy


Sean Mormelo
trou·ba·dour tr b -d r

• A strolling minstrel.

• A singer, to sing, fr. a kind of singing, a melody, song

Sean Mormelo is a Troubadour in the classic sense of the word. After questioning his true direction, Sean has finally come to understand and embrace his musical destiny. Living and breathing music 24/7, his craving for adventure, travel and meeting new people, and the inability to focus on anything but music, has lead Sean to embark on his current path. The release of his 2nd solo CD, "Troubadour”, kicked off a new and exciting chapter in which Sean will be hitting the road full time to focus on playing Colleges, Festivals, Music Conferences, and clubs across the country.

Sean's live performances are where his talent stands out among the myriad of other solo singer songwriters. His guitar playing is accomplished and rich, and his expressive vocal range soars from a low growl to a piercing high tenor. With these versatile skills, Sean can sing and play anything from very intricate Dave Matthews style acoustic with complex bluesy vocal riffing on top, to SRV style Texas Blues, to expressive finger style, or subtle beautifully melodic voicings. You just have to see a show to experience the depth of his skills as a solo performer. Sean is also an accomplished Multi-instrumentalist equally adept on acoustic, electric, Bass guitar, keys, percussion, and harmonica. Known as a harmony God, Sean gracefully covers all areas of vocal arranging and singing including lead, harmony, and backup vocals. In addition to musicianship, Sean is also a skilled recording engineer and producer and he continues to produce and recorded a number of other Singer-Songwriters through the company he co-founded, Full Refusal Music Group.

Sean's first Solo CD “Real”, was released in 2002 to rave reviews and impressive sales. Events that coincided with the release of “Real” are in May 4 th 2002 the Sean Mormelo Band took the Stage at Sunfest in West Palm Beach, Florida to open for Edgar Winter. Other accomplishments include showcasing slots at the 2002 Nashville New Music Conference(2NMC) & the USA Songwriting Competition. Sean also participated in the groundbreaking first year of Tourbaby, a showcase sponsored by CDBABY.COM and Discmakers.

Born in New Jersey, raised in Florida, and currently residing in Alaska, Sean has performed in countless venues across North America winning legions of fans from Alaska to Mexico.He recently relocated from Alaska to Nashville,TN and will begin playing locally and touring regionally this summer, fall winter, and into next spring. Some exiting new changes to his solo live show are on the way as well as the addition of a live band.

Factoids about Sean: Loves his co-dependant cats, misses his friends and family, rarely watches TV but is curiously addicted to the Weather Channel, is a computer geek and gearhead, spends many hours a day online and has withdrawals if disconnected, is a budding web designer, graphic designer, video editor, and slave to digital media