Hey Everyone, I began writing music, playing guitar and performing when i was 10 years old. Living my whole life on the beach in Lanikai, Hawaii was the ideal environment for creativity, not to mention surfing and all sorts of ocean activity.


Sean Murphy

A true artist has no choice but to create. A smart artist not only creates, but knows to learn all the ins and outs of his craft, seizing the reigns of production, making all artistic choices, so that the outcome is entirely a reflection of his heart and skills. Such is the case of Hawaii based Rock singer-songwriter Sean Murphy. Sean always had a keen inclination towards and ear for singing. He picked up a guitar at age 10, and has been hooked every since. He began playing in bands. Sean preferred to go it alone, and started to focus on generating his own material. Inspired by legends like the Sherwood, Matt Costa, Bob Dylan, Dave Mathews and Henry Kapono and contemporaries like Vertical Horizon and Collective Soul, his rich voice and music are edgy and full of emotional universalities. Sean¡¯s honest words, soothing yet deep voice, and the usage of a wide variety of unconventional instruments (Sitar, Harp, Chinese Guitar), creates a sound that is sweet, rough, and immensely satisfying. His songs not only deal with the everyday: love, friendship, nature; they also transcend most popular self-indulgent Rock music, dealing with larger-scale issues promoting global awareness and change. But Sean is not content to merely create said musical tales: he has evolved into the role of producer, as well. Equipped with his own recording studio, Sean renders his songs rich and pleasing. He plays Guitar and a slew of other instruments on some tracks, while hiring a guitarist and bassist of exceptional skill for others. Sean is currently working on a debut full-length album, functioning as creative head and producer as well. He has plans to assemble a stellar band, and tour internationally. The album will boast a collection of songs about learning from life and from the casual mistakes we make, whether in relationships, friendship or as human beings towards society. Without the assistance of a label or radio promotion, Sean¡¯s myspace music page has reached an incredible 1,715197 listens. Hardworking, humble, and compassionate, Sean¡¯s determination is sure to get him as far as his music can possibly reach.


Album"one life"