Sean O'Donoghue

Sean O'Donoghue

 New York City, New York, USA

Sean O'Donoghue, An American Singer-Songwriter who defiantly writes meaningful songs in a world of white noise. Who said deep songs couldn't be catchy? Sounds Like Ryan Adams, Jamie Cullum, Johnny Lang, G-Love, Citizen Cope, Jack Johnson, John Mayer, Brett Dennen, Donovan Frankenreiter, Jason Mraz, Ray Lamontagne.


Sean O'Donoghues music is influenced by the places hes called home: the mountains of Pennsylvania, the plains of Louisiana, and the beaches of Santa Cruz California. O'Donoghue's music plays tribute to the roots of American music such as jazz, blues, and folk. Whether it be a straight blues tune, a passionate protest song, a tortured torch song, or a down to earth folk ballad, O'Donoghue's music is easily accessible yet deep.  Poetic lyrics sung in a smokey voice over jazz chords.

For music publishers it should be known that Sean O'Donoghue has a catalog of over 100 original compositions ranging from blues, folk, Americana, acoustic, jazz, singer-songwriter, and country. All of them are catchy and copyrighted. (ASCAP member)


My Father's Back

Written By: Sean O'Donoghue

They built this country on my fathers backl
Built with his blood sweat tears and taxes
Spent his whole life working hard
So I could have it easy
They built this country on my fathers back
With American dreams
A house in queens
And a cadalac
Spent his whole life working hard
So I could have it easy
But now he’s a broken man
His girl left town on the first greyhound
after graduation
She said she lived for the stage on the very last page of her dear john lett
He stripped the coal and built the homes of the richer families
He could have faught in nam but he got a job driving truck for the army
He served his time and waiting in line during the oil crisis of the seventies
He never drank a drop from the trickle down plot of the reagonomic remedies
He drank his fill at the bar and grill but then that lost its thrill after a couple years
His girl came back, they got on track for the 2.5 kids they were supposed to have
He broke his back on a scaffolding stack
Building a house to the heavens
He broke his arm tryin to drill an auger to hell
When he stalled out the engine
He was broke from the start and it broke his heart that he wouldn’t be able to work no more
He thought he would sweat out the Bills
And grind out the hours for the mouths to feed
He thought he would change careers
Or get an education to take on more responsibility


An American SInger-Songwriter

Independent Release in 2009

Set List

An hour of original music and over an hour of covers.