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Seano Phresh

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His name is Seano Phresh, a local Hip Hop artist from Houston, Texas.
Currently, un-signed hype running with Houston’s Now Generation,
“Skyboyz Enterprise”.

He’s known across the globe for his heart felt, original, classy, and Southern Style Hip-Hop music.

“Not really a fan of today’s music” said Seano Phresh. He gives props to the business and
the founding fathers of the hip hop industry.

Growing up on the Southwest side of Houston,Texas; Seano Phresh was raised in
a single parent home with four brothers and no father figure around.

The words poverty and hardships are no strangers to his life.

The name Seano Phresh isn’t just a rap name, but more like a brand guaranteed to touch the world by storm.

On a quest for money, power and respect he has recently
released his second solo street album “FrontPagePresh”. The album is
equipped with substance, style and big time features from “The
Skyboyz”, Dante Higgins, Undergravity, and more. Also, the CD features the underground smash hit “Slab Ridin” produced by: Sound Click
producer, Chemist.

Although, he isn’t signed to any record label, he
has made nothing but progress with his hometown team “The Skyboyz”

Nevertheless, Seano Phresh plans to further his music career by
supplying the world with a quantity of quality good music. The future
holds nothing but success and sunlight shine for him.


They Call Me Phresh
Front Page Phresh
Franchise Phresh