Sean Pinchin

Sean Pinchin

 Toronto, Ontario, CAN

For Sean, music has been a lifelong passion. An addiction he never wants to overcome. Blues’ have been a great source for inspiration, a catalyst spawning adventure and a healer for depression. Sean’s drive to create music that speaks to his experiences is both a personal endeavor and a public service.


After several years in the making,
RustBucket will be released later this year

This album is Sean’s reintroduction to the Blues’ niche. This honest and gritty album takes Sean’s music back to its roots. After a series upsets and what felt like a downward spiral, RustBucket pays tribute to the genre that has rescued his soul. Just as Sean gets lost in Memphis Minnie and Tampa Red, RustBucket allows you to lose yourself and helps you heal. Featuring Steve Strongman, Emme-Lee and Rob Szabo stay tuned for updates on the upcoming launch.

Sean recorded this album on two vintage National Steels. Harland – a 1934 National Triolian Resonator Guitar and Hudson – a 1932 National Triolian Polychrome Resonator Guitar. Sean’s skill on these instruments evoke the passion he has for music and the emotions embedded in the melody of each tune.


Folklore LP - 2007
A Day Without May 2009
25 John Street 2010
RustBucket (release date TBA)