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Sean Roberts Band

Los Alamitos, California, United States | INDIE

Los Alamitos, California, United States | INDIE
Band Rock Country


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"Up Close With A Local Orange County Singer/Songwriter"

How the did started with all this??

I started playing music at the age of 9. There was this boy who lived about 4 houses down from my grandparents house. He played the drums in Junior High and High School. So one day I asked him “how do you know when to hit the drum with your foot and hit the hi hat and the snare or when to hit the cymbals or how do you do a drum fill and when do you one. So when I started asking questions about this – he took me under wing and started to teach me and I took a heavy interest in playing music from then on.

But what really sealed the deal for me was when John Lennon died. I didn’t understand what was going on and why so many people were upset that this man was murdered. Naturally I felt bad but I didn’t understand the impact that he had on people and his importance of his music – I was too young.

So that Christmas my mom got me this book, which I still have to this day, on The Beatles. It told where each member came from. How the band was born. The changes in there music and then of course their breakup and what each member did after the band broke up.

It was after reading that book and understanding who The Beatles were and who they were as individuals - that's where I said “I want to do that – I want to impact people the way they did me and so many others."

So from the age of 10 thru high school I learned to play 5 instruments. I started writing my own songs in high school and it continued thru college. Since then I was in a number of different rock bands through the years. Some had been reincarnations of previous bands. Some did well others didn’t do so well. Thankfully I was able to do a few albums with each of those bands. Since then it’s just been a progression of keeping music going for myself.

What's the message to transmit with your music??

For me the basic thing is good story telling. That’s the bottom line. If you don’t have a good story to tell people are not going to listen to you and the song will not have longevity. As far as delivering a message – I try to have the songs be optimistic. Songs of hope. Songs of making it through a hardship. Songs that say “hey I’ve been there too and that’s ok – you can get through this – I did” Even if the song is a sad song, I always want to have the feeling that something good will come out of this no matter what. You just have to believe.

I want the music be uplifting as much as possible no matter how light or heavy the subject matter could be. For example the song Love Doesn’t Live Here Anymore, on my new album - the song is about a person who knows there partner and them are drifting emotionally away from one another. The person is asking their partner “Hey we need to work on this relationship more other wise we are through” So there is that hope of getting over issues that one may have in a relationship so that the relationship can flourish and move forward.

Then there’s another song on the album called My Home Town – where it’s about this person just hanging out with his friends and enjoying the moments and time he spends with his friends. So for him it’s just another day in his home town – this is his life and he doesn’t take his friendships for granted.

What's your method at the time of writting a song??

There’s a few ways that I write songs. One method that I use – I will go into a small record store that may sell either used cd’s or old vinyl records or just indie artists. People that I never heard of. I will then go through a section of cd’s – lets say artists A thru F and begin to look at the song titles on these cd’s .

If I read a title that sparks an interest – I will then write that title in a note book that I bring with me. After I go through that section of cd’s sometimes I’ll have 25 – 40 song titles written down. About after a week I then go back to that list of titles, reread them and see if they still spark an interest. If so then next to the title I might write what I feel the song would be about based on that title.

Now a few months go by and time for me write new material. I now go back to the list again – see what sparks an interest – then begin to write based on the titles and what I felt the song should be about. This is just one way I write so that I don’t run out of ideas.

Which is your music influences??

This is an easy question but at the same token it’s a tough one to answer since I have so many musical influences. But in a nutshell, hands down. I would say with out a doubt my main influence is Bon Jovi. Some friends will tease me on that. Jokingly call me Sean Bon Jovi. But if you look at the career of that band, they have accomplished so much and done things that other bands have never done. Let’s put it this way. How many bands from the 80’s that were considered “Hair Bands” are still around today selling multi platinum albums? Answer – NONE! Not Warrant, not Cinderella, Tesla, Slaughter, Winger, none of them. Bon Jovi - Vents Magazine


The Boy Inside The Man (2010) - NEW SOLO CD
Let's Get Ready To Stumble (2008) - w/ Bob Knows Best
Ancient Chinese Food Fight (2008) - w/ Bob Knows Best
Get's Their Hair Did (2005) - w/ Bob Knows Best
Stories Told & Untold (2004) - 1st SOLO CD
Kings & Queens - Mirada
Two Man Jam - Mirada



Someone once said that, after silence, music comes nearest to expressing the inexpressible. Singer/songwriter Sean Roberts’s music has a way of doing just that. As an artist uses color, Roberts uses words and music to convey life’s beauty and fragility, the joy, and the heartache, the disappointment, and always, the hope.

A Southern California native who’s opened and performed with local, regional and national acts such as The Oak Ridge Boys (Spring Hill), Arron Tippen (Hollywood) Poison guitarist C.C. DeVille (Capitol & Cyanide), Enuff Znuff (Spitfire), Roman (Sellar), White (8" Records) and Safire (Independent).

Sean’s first release “Stories Told & Untold” (May 2002), is an album that displays his ability to create catchy riffs, memorable universal themes and a wide range of musical textures. He does this by combining New York street rock, Nashville & Folk story telling, early 70's rock and Chicago style blues. He performed locally for the next two years in support of his album.

2004 to 2008 Sean was lead guitarist and producer for the comedy band BOB KNOWS BEST. He brought the band to Gemini Records and released 3 albums "Gets Their Hair Did" (Sept 2006), "Ancient Chinese Food Fight" (May 2008) and "Let's Get Ready To Stumble" (Dec 2008). "Stumble" would also contain Sean's last performance with the band.

2008 was a very difficult year for Sean. With parting ways with BKB and the death of his father, a heavy hand laid on his heart. With the help of Executive Producer Oscar Oo, who guided Sean to a new sound that was able to give him a new voice as an artist and help stir the creative juices to write new songs. Sean stays true to his pop/rock flavor that he is known for but this time added the Nashville flavor to some of the tracks.

The new release “The Boy Inside the Man” (June 2010) Boasts 15 new songs, including the title track, "The Boy Inside The Man", “Let’s Talk About Me”, “Affection” and “Love Doesn’t Live Here Anymore”. With each album Sean truly makes his mark on music with his own definitive pop/rock sound. "This album was a very long process and I'm very proud of this new album. It's totally taken me to a new sound and evolved me as an artist. I’m very excited to share these new songs with everyone."