Sean Ryder Williams

Sean Ryder Williams

 Atlanta, Georgia, USA

A few comments listeners and critics have made about Sean's music include...."The Sounds is So Atmospheric Clear and Alive", "Voice and Guitar are Fused in Soul", " a Breath of Fresh Air", " So Sensual and Original", "Strait from the Heart So Beautiful", "Brilliant-Awesome-Magnificent enough said".


Writer-Composer-Multi-Instrumentalist-Producer -"Audio Artist". Originally from Nashville from a talented musical and artistic family.

Sean spent most of the 2000's traveling the US, writing music, taking photos, and chasing an elusive muse. After majoring in music composition at Belmont University, he lived a couple times, for a couple of years in Austin, “which is a great town for music and debauchery”. He also lived in Eugene for two and a half years, teaching himself how to record music, in his "studio" in the woods. It is in Eugene where Sean began what would become Did It All By Myself, and The Complete DIABM Sessions. “Eugene is a great town, but nine months of rain a year will start to get to you after a while”. So Sean returned to Nashville and completed Did It All By Myself. Shortly after its limited release, Sean put together a group of occasionally willing musicians and began working on the upcoming The East Nashville Sessions.

Sean is currently in Atlanta, GA and continues to write, compose, and record music primarily solo projects and for film, TV, and other artists.


Crazy Love

Written By: Sean Ryder Williams

Crazy Love (2001)
© 2002 Sean Ryder Williams Music
Empty Pockets and this broken home
The lights on but no one is at home
Watching this world through an empty TV screen
Life can always be better than this seems
{Chorus strumming part with more intensity}
And your crazy love
Your crazy life
Is the only thing keeping me around {repeat & do next line}
The only thing keeping me alive {REPEAT}
They're putting up walls all around us
And Sams trying to keep us down
So this one goes out to all the dreamers
Who never did, what they said they would
This one goes out to all the dreamers
Living in this lost and found
{Chorus strumming part with more intensity
And your crazy love
Your crazy life
Is the only thing keeping me around {repeat & do next line}
The only thing keeping me alive



Set List

Depends if it is a solo gig vs band gig...
Always a good mix of upbeat tunes, and song based music.
Can be a band set of 45 minutes+ or a solo set as little as 15.