Sean Silas

Sean Silas


My music can range from Industrial Metal, Pop, Hip-hop, to techno metal that can paint a picture for any game, movie, to anyone imagination.


Sean has been playing guitar in So.Cal. For 20 years. His parents introduced him to music at the age of 7 through classical piano. After a few years of piano, he found a love listening to hard rock. While listening to the likes of “KISS” “OZZY”, Sean decided to pick up the guitar. He modeled himself in the styles of “Randy Rhoads” from Ozzy and “George Lynch” from Dokken.
At 19 years of age, he started his first professional band and at 20,(IRONWRATH)then ( Mach X ),( Lithium X )(Sevenfold Image)(Composer). His first studio experiences began when he had only been playing guitar for 2 years. Shredz was competing in many guitar competitions through the years. He has been in many recording sessions that ranged from Rap to Speed Metal.

In 1990, computerized music technology was the catalyst and turning point in his music composition. Computer technology has unlocked unlimited possibilities in music development.

Since his employment at Fender Musical Groups (Jackson Guitars), Sean has been using his talents as a Tuner Tester for one of the most extreme guitars made to date!

Sean is ready for the millenium and beyond. He will be heard on upcoming soundtracks and scores.


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