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After a successful run of Sean Simmonds' first project "True Story", Xist Records went back to the drawing boards making adjustments to position itself for the new beginnings in store for the budding label. They moved J. Ross to General Manager, brought aboard Wendy Collins-Squirewell of Sable Soul Entertainment for publicity and followed through on some much needed restructuring. "We are now ready for the long haul" says, T. Black – CEO Xist Records.

To complete the restructure process, Xist recently signed a joint venture partnership with Tyscot Records, the nation's oldest African American owned & operated gospel recording label. Much anticipated releases from the joint venture include Sean Simmonds, Yvette Graham (formerly known as Ms. Tonex) and Sharon Riley and Faith Chorale.

The first release from the partnership is the Sean Simmonds' highly anticipated sophomore release "IT'S OVER" coming September 23, 2008. The first single, "My Life" featuring Sharon Riley and Faith Chorale is already receiving rave reviews. "Sean Simmonds has proven to be on the cutting edge," says Bryant Scott – Tyscot Records President. "We are proud to partner with Sean and XIST Records in presenting more cutting edge music to the world." "I'm really excited about this joint venture with the Scott family and the Tyscot team, says T. Black. "They have 30 years and counting in this business and that says a lot to me and my Xist crew. It's an honor!" Sean Simmonds is currently accepting dates for his upcoming Promotional tour for booking please call 404-513-2261

For media info contact Wendy Collins Squirewell at 615-258-1990 or . For radio contact Jeff Hargrove at 404-344-9728 or Charity Lewis 317-479-2343 x 304/
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My Life



Sean Simmonds

Sean Simmonds is cracking up! He’s laughing so hard that he can barely finish the story he’s telling about the newest antics of one of his three sons. Shoulders heaving, he manages to compose himself, and breathlessly continues.
“So we’re driving in the car, and for some reason my wife responded to something that happened by sighing ‘Oh, God!’ My son is in the backseat, and out of nowhere he whispers: ‘I am here’. So my wife turns around and looks at him and says: ‘What did you say?’ And he looks down with this profound look on his face and says: ‘I am here.’

Sean falls apart all over again, but manages to keep talking.
“So my wife says, ‘and who are you? You’re not God.’ And he says, ‘No. But, I am here!” Unable to take it anymore, Sean collapses into a convulsion of laughter, obviously both amused and proud at his offspring. Perhaps his son’s statement could be appropriately applied to his father’s career. With the September 23rd release of his sophomore album, “It’s Over”, that could very well describe the statement Sean Simmonds anticipates being made to the music industry and the world: “I am here.”

Detonating at radio, the first single, “My Life”featuring Sharon Riley and Faith Chorale, may represent a departure from the sound Sean established on his debut project, “True Story”, but is nevertheless an amazing kinetic fusion of gospel, praise and hip-hop. On the subject of the effervescent smash, the former Faith Chorale member and Toronto, Canada native explains his exploration of new sounds. “With this song, I just wanted to give a little diversity to people who are familiar with me. This song isn’t really a side of me that I’ve exposed before, in this style of incorporating a choir and all the energy that comes with that. But, in terms of my new album, it just sets the tone, letting it be known, that this time we’re coming outside the box.”

And outside the box is putting it mildly. Described by Tyscot CEO Bryan Scott as a “cutting edge” artist, “It’s Over” is an atom bomb for the industry, which could very well reshape how Gospel/Christian music is defined in the years to come. There is nothing orthodox about the approach that Sean and Xist Records partner T. Black took to creating this album. His hand was intricately involved in every aspect of each of the 15 tracks on the disc, including the writing, production, and vocal production/arranging.

And while praise and triumph are not themes foreign to the genre of Christian music, the way that “It’s Over” kicks and stomps its way into your consciousness, it’s doubtful that you’ve ever heard a Gospel album tackle the struggles and victories of life in such a fresh and invigorating way. The title track is a fevered frenzy of horns and vocal exclamation that “ Your struggle is over”, depicted as a metaphor of the listener who has fallen asleep while watching TV, only to be awakened by this banger, and the news that triumph is already an actuality. The second single “God Is Real”, is a sweltering take on the Gospel ballad told from an emotionally familiar place, where many have often been challenged to affirm their belief in a relevant and caring Creator.

“That song is just a testimony that recognizes the obstacles that life throws in our way, is not to obscure our vision of God and His existence, but can actually be opportunities to solidify His presence in our lives.”

Also important to Sean, was to deal with issues that people are forced to handle in real life, such as domestic violence, as depicted in the song “Unheard Cries”, which acknowledges the pain and despair that so many individuals suffer in silent shame.

“But,” the current Atlanta resident elaborates “‘Unheard Cries’ also offers hope to the countless children and women who endure abuse. I felt it was critically important as a male in this society to engage this discussion as well as deliver a message of healing by way of the Father.”

As further evidence of his lack of contentment with a mundane approach to familiar topics, “Mary’s Baby” portrays the stigma and conviction required by the mother of Jesus as an unwed mother. Call it “holy baby mama drama”! Then there’s the track “Tonite” which may raise some eyebrows as Sean frames the picture of the weekend club scene and a young woman’s struggle with physical temptation, and then throws a wrench in the gears with the question, “If the Lord should come back tonight/ Would it be okay if He came Tonight”?

The revolutionary mindset shared by Sean Simmonds and T. Black is not limited to the music. It also involves the platform they set up to expose that music and its message to the world, Xist Entertainment. Established back in 2005, the company birthed the highly acclaimed debut project “True Story” and the phenomenal Top 30 R&R single “Won’t It Be”, which took Sean to international success, including tours of countries such as Italy and Poland. Bui