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Sean Slaughter

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Sean Slaughter's mission is simple; to reverse the self defeating mindset of today's youth with the truth of the gospel of Jesus Christ in the form of Hip-Hop.


"I now realize one thing the majority of parents with troubled kids have in common" says Sean Slaughter, son of Alvin Slaughter. "That thing is communication. Parents feel out of touch with today's kids and young people feel parents just don't understand. And that's where I come in."

Sean Slaughter gets it. These are the words used to best describe the Queens, NY native. Slaughter combines hard hitting beats and penetrating lyrics to express his willingness to forsake all for the cause and speak truth to any ear that is willing or unwilling to hear it. After hearing Sean flip, there is no confusion as to what the cause he represents and the truth he seeks to share: the love and saving knowledge of Jesus Christ.

This Queens New York native grew up in a Christian household but the streets were where he felt most comfortable. Crime, thugs, liquor and drugs is what defined Sean's life. Hip-Hop has always been in his veins but today's difference is he doesn't use it a to speak death, but to speak life. Sean uses the simple tool of music to convey the timeless message of Christ. "And the easiest way to get any message, point, or view across is in the package of music" says Sean. "It makes the message easier to digest and understand".

Sean travels nationally and internationally, rapping and speaking in over 100 concerts a year, ranging from detention centers to youth groups and everything in between.


2005 Die Another Day
2002 Dungeon Underground Classics, Vol.1
2001 The World Is Not Enough
1999 And Justice For All

Set List

We have 15 min sets up to 1 hour sets. We can do a few song to headlining for a concert. Please call 877-528-2078 for more pricing information.