Seanster and the Monsters

Seanster and the Monsters

 Winnipeg, Manitoba, CAN
BandComedyChildren's Music

Seanster and the Monsters is a Western Canadian Music Award nominated kindie band. They take immense pleasure from creating shared experiences for families, using music and humour that everybody can enjoy.


Stuck somewhere between They Might be Giants and Fred Penner, Seanster and the Monsters are always coming up with new ways to engage and entertain crowds both young and old. The band's debut CD, Yay!, spans the genre spectrum from folk to hip hop to rock to  create a sound that is pleasing to the ears of children and parents alike. Yay! has been nominated for a Western Canadian Music Award in the category of Outstanding Children's Recording, and the group's live show has made them festival favorites across Manitoba and northwestern Ontario. While some may scoff at the idea that a grown man and his merry band of fools can have so much fun singing songs about such silly things as home-made robots, flying kittens and little girls who want the moon, audiences agree that Seanster and the Monsters are proving to the world that family music can be fun for everyone!


Eleanor You Can't Have the Moon

Written By: Sean Hogan

Eleanor Margaret Appleton-Snit
Always wants things that she can’t have
When you tell her “no” she’ll just have a fit
Don’t you think that that’s kind of sad?

Oh Eleanor! (Eleanor, Eleanor!)
You can’t have the moon.
Oh Eleanor! (Eleanor, Eleanor!)
It won’t fit in your room.

Her father would tell her “Go to bed”
And her mother’d say “Hit the sack”
Little Eleanor’d stomp and shake her head
And say she wanted a jet pack

When her mother took her out to the mall
To buy a bunch of brand new clothes
Instead of saying that a shirt was too small
“I want one made out of Van Goghs”

For breakfast she’d want a golden egg
And for lunch a sandwich made of trees
When it came time for supper she wouldn’t beg
But ask “Pass the airplanes, please!”

Instrumental Break

So now you know all about my good friend
Eleanor Appleton-Snit
So let’s get real quiet and hear her demand
Everything that she can’t git.


Written By: Sean Hogan

Gr’up Gr’up
I’m just sittin’ on this lily pad
Gr’up Gr’up
Well I’d say my life just ain’t that bad

Won’t you come over and we’ll share a sodi-pop
Won’t you come over, we won’t have to

Grow-up Gr’up
I think I’ll maybe catch some flies today
Gr’up Gr’up
Well if not at least I’ll catch some rays

Won’t you come over and we’ll share a sodi-pop
Won’t you come over and we won’t have to
Grow-up Gr’up

***Whistle Break***

Grow-up Gr’up
Won’t you stop on by the old mud hole?
Gr’up Gr’up
They say a little dirt’s good for the soul

Won’t you come over the fun won’t have to stop
Won’t you come over and we won’t have to
Grow-up Gr’up


Written By: Sean Hogan

From the tiger to the carrot to the tallaud flying fox
On a plate or in a bowl or even served up in a box
Salt and iron, kale and chicken, geese alone or in their flocks
Cooked or baked, raw like sushi or fry it up in woks

Fricassed, shish kabobbed or even cooked up in a stew
Apples, ice cream, ribs and monkeys, with a side of kangaroo
Chips and fishes, rice and cupcakes, all found in my fondue
You’ll find there’s little out there that is more than I can chew

I’ll eat what you give me and I’ll come back for more
Gobbling up everything, the whole world’s my fridge door

With my hands or with my teeth or even with a fork
Everything’s my dinner, lettuce, berries and pork
I like my salad Caesar and I love my steak New York
And I’m really looking forward to that yearly Christmas stork

There’s birds in the world that live on only seed
And I’ve heard of yucky bugs that only chow on things that bleed
So to everyone their own is a menu I concede
But to live like that just wouldn’t give me what I need…
‘cause I’m an…


2012 - Demo Release

2014 - Yay!