Sean Thomas
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Sean Thomas

Sherwood, Oregon, United States

Sherwood, Oregon, United States
Band Rock Acoustic


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Love Me More - Single
Secret Leigh Emo - Ep
On My Way - Single
Alone Again - Single
To Be Safe - Single
Sean Thomas - EP



I could write a biography about the various musical endeavors Sean has both aspired to do and has done during his career as a musician. I could write about his very human struggles and triumphs. I could talk about his plans for the future and the remnants of his past—there are many things I could write about. But in fear of replicating the overdone, melodramatic, and maudlin scribbles of typical biographies, I will not write about what Sean has done, or what chronic sufferings has influenced his music. I will, rather, write about what and who Sean represents. I will focus on the music of the musician, not the musician of the music. As is wisely said, “by their fruits you shall know them.” The best way to understand, learn, and encapsulate a true musician is to listen to the music. So to spare words that will invariably do nothing but fall short I will focus on the uniquely sweet fruit that may prove to capture the taste buds of every human ear—that is, the music of Sean Thomas.

If you are looking for music that speaks to more than just the party life or the sexual philandering of misled men, Sean may prove to fill the gap. Sean does not wish to have an agenda or a worldview heard, but would rather shed understanding on the often unspoken inner-working of human existence that finds sanctuary in his music. Music that is often written for personal consoling proves to capture the feelings of many listeners. His melodious utterances usher the listener into the chasms of genuine heartbreak, spiritual yearning, and sincere lamentation. However, his music is never without the tender touch of healing, spiritual certainty, rapturous love, and hope.

If you find yourself amidst a journey that is often laden with pain – a tumultuous journey that knows how to shatter even that which has already been broken – then listen to Sean Thomas and find that the soulful feelings you harbor find voice in his fingers, the struggles that leave you empty and soundless find sound in his voice.