Sean Thomason

Sean Thomason


Don't let the name Sean Thomason fool you into thinking typical Singer/Songwriter. NO! Sean brings the rock! Are you ready to catch it? Sean's debut CD "The Desert Queue" is slated for an early summer 2007 release.


"You dazzled me with who you've known and who you've blown." That one line says it all with Sean Thomason's first single "No one gets to stay the night" off his long awaited Debut Solo record "The Desert Queue". Hailing from Atlanta this former United States Army Sergeant is poised and ready to unleash his brand of thought driven rock unto the masses. If Coldplay, Depeche Mode and Queens of the Stone Age were to have a one night stand together at The Smashing Pumpkins House. Then the love child of that meeting would be Sean Thomason. Listen, Enjoy, Tell a Friend.


"No one gets to stay the night" from "The Desert Queue"