Sean Walsh & The National Reserve

Sean Walsh & The National Reserve


We are a Indie/Alt-country/Psychedelic/Folk Group based in Brooklyn, NY. We like Egg Salad, American Spirits, driving our van to your town, Sleeping on your couch, and making your heart a little lighter for Maybe even a few minutes. Enjoy Yourself, and be nice to each-other.


Sean Walsh and the National reserve are a group of friends that will sleep on your couch, sing in your shower, drink your beer, cook you dinner, play in your town, park in front of your house, sing you songs, make you laugh, talk to your girlfriend, stay up late with you, and hopefully at some point make your heart a little lighter if you'd like.

We recently have finished our first full length record "homesick" with producer/engineer Kyle "Slick" Johnson (Modest Mouse, The Hives, Fischerspooner, cymbals eat guitars, Jackson knife). We will be self releasing it on our label Lovers Dream Records this Feb. and Digitally through I-tunes. we hope you enjoy it.

We've spent the past 2 years playing wonderful shows with bands like Dr. Dog, Hymns, Jackson knife, Vampire weekend, and many others, and would love to play for you in your town so let us know and we will hop in the van.

Sean & The Reserve


LD-001 - "homesick" full length Digi-pak and Online Release
MSPR001 - Things Go Unnoticed - "8-song Compilation" - Mouthstatic Records
eye20065 - "American Music" ep - Eyeball Records/Digital Re-release Out nov 07'

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