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Sean Waterman

Atlanta, Georgia, United States | Established. Jan 01, 2010 | INDIE

Atlanta, Georgia, United States | INDIE
Established on Jan, 2010
Solo Pop Singer/Songwriter




"Band of the Month - Nov 2015 - Sean Waterman"

Sean Waterman is an emerging songwriter on the indie music scene with his selection guitar inspired tunes. Currently based in Atlanta, in 2010 Waterman released his debut EP "Locomotive Hearts. This release gained attention from Internet radio hosts and indie filmmakers, alike. His sophomore EP "Dividing Lines" took Sean to new fans in places from Boston, to Los Angeles on tour. Sean is gearing up to hit the road again in 2016 in support of his upcoming full length album, "Devices". The first single, "Bedpost" debuted at #25 on the iTunes New Singer-Songwriter songs chart. Keep your eyes open as Sean plans to tour in 2016 to support his upcoming album!
- Mark Lamdanski - Editor - The IMC Mag

"Review: Sean Waterman"

One could get emotionally moved after listening to the lyricism of Sean Waterman. His music is different and not easy to forget.

Waterman delivers a rich experience with his lyrics. Each song describes a meaning that he is trying to convey. Like a poet refining words to produce more power, the lyrics of Armageddon are fun and easygoing, yet serious and sentimental.

Waterman combines smooth vocals with the staccato sound of his guitar and, together, the twointensify each other. The song, Sour Patch Girl is a perfect example. Although his vocals may sound gentle overall, he merges them well with the concentrated sound of his guitar.

Sometimes Waterman lacks depth, as guitar passages begin to sound similar. But his sincerity is obvious and the desire to perform live demonstrates a need to reach out to his audience. His live performance on Balcony TV showed how much he enjoys performing.

Sean Waterman is a real crowd pleaser with something to say. - Round Magazine

"Live Review: Sean Waterman & You Can't Win, Charlie Brown @ SXSW"

Sean Waterman is originally from NY, but currently resides in Atlanta, he started playing guitar when he was 9, he wanted to quit because it made his hands hurt, but his mom was like, no way man, I already paid for these lessons, so you suck it up and learn to play guitar. So he did (thanks mom). And now he makes beautiful music. Sean mostly tours in SoCal and the lower east coast. This years SXSW is his first and I feel pretty lucky to run into him. He self describes his music as singer songwriter with a blues and rock influence. His inspiration stems from Springsteen, Dylan, and Marley (you can tell). He will be playing in Fredricksburg, VA (my hometownish area) later this month. Check him out. - Sustenance and Sounds

"Live Review: Sean Waterman - Room 5 Lounge, Los Angeles"

Material: Sean Waterman is a singer-songwriter
by definition with well-crafted lyrics and melodies.
However, the sincerity he exudes offers so much
more. No matter the premise—the dreadful pain
of heartbreak or the questionable aspects of life—
Waterman attaches a catchy, lighthearted vibe to
every song, erasing any stigma the emotion may
hold. The sugary bounce to “Sour Patch Girl” can
melt the heart of any woman, young or old, while
“Swerve” and “Wrong” blanket a broader range of

Musicianship: Waterman’s fingers glide elegantly
across the strings with a finesse that takes
his skill a step beyond an indie singer-songwriter.
His songs are loosely structured but tightly bound
with simple hooks and clever word play. His vocal
tone leaves every note steaming with warmth and
Waterman knows exactly when to drop a deep,
guttural growl for that natural, soulful feel.
Performance: This performer needed nothing
more than his guitar and a mic to bring life to the
quiet, intimate setting. Instantly calm, cool and
collected with just the bare necessities, he sat
comfortably on stage as if he were in his own living
room with the company of friends. The songwriter
casually paused between songs to speak of their
origins and humbly shared short excerpts of his
upbringing to anyone who cared to listen.
Every sound Waterman created seemed to
completely consume him as he gracefully danced
upon his stool. A few of his originals exhibited
a slight similarity, but his set carried on without
becoming too repetitive. To change it up, the
performer included a highly unexpected, but
beautifully crafted rendition of Led Zeppelin’s
“That’s the Way.”

Summary: A singer-songwriter at heart, Sean
Waterman delivers material that is pure, refreshing
and a joy to hear. Although his songs could
easily be considered for radio play, there is something
infectious he brings with a stripped-down
set that could never fully be captured in a simple
——Allegra Azzopardi Music Connection Magazine - June 2012 Issue - Music Connection Magazine

"Live Review: Sean Waterman - Broward Center for the Performing Arts Ft. Lauderdale"

Sean Waterman rounded out the evening with a rarity so unexpected and so special that for those of you who missed this wonderment, you might want to take a moment and go listen to his song Sour Patch Girl ( recorded live the day before his CHP performance on Michael Stock’s weekly WLRN (91.3 FM, Miami, FL) Folk and Acoustic Music show. His voice, no his very soul is so youthful, so gender-less that when he sings it personifies Sade wrapped around any boy band you care to mention, or even Tracey Chapman soft-stepping it with the boy’s choir of your choice. In the mind’s eye and ear he can at once be male, female, old, and young, and amazingly he does it all in seemingly perfect pitch. Maybe that’s why he’s launching his own record label later this year (Waterman Records and Phonograph).

So I for one got an ear full this week at CHP. An ear full of Thompson, Urista, Ethridge, Solube, Lange, O’Connor, Sade and Chapman. But more than that, a heart full of Elias, Chuckaree and Waterman. Now that’s worth listening to.

Dr. Bob -

"HEAR THIS: Sean Waterman"

Sean Waterman‘s voice flows like sweet honey, and he is definitely our cup of tea. His stripped down sound is genuine and refreshing…come on, just look at that smile. Seriously, would you expect anything less? He’s a man with a guitar and a song in his heart. Cliché? We don’t think so. A guitar player since age 9, this New York native (now residing in Atlanta) is moving on up in the music world. Waterman performed at his first SXSW last March.

Waterman is currently touring, making stops in California, Georgia, and Florida through April and May. - The Owl Mag

"Southern Comfort"

Those who attend the Citadel in South Carolina get a double dose of ROTC and regular academic courses, so it’s understandable that many spend their free time studying. But not Sean Waterman. The former cadet skipped the books and headed straight to open mics around Charleston, guitar in tow. And he hasn’t stopped playing since. Waterman’s music is largely acoustic fare. Every once in a while you’ll get a whiff of an electric guitars or keys, but for the most part it’s just a man, his voice, his axe and his heartache. Wrong” is a dreamy, dusty affair made up of cascading guitars and Waterman’s languid vocals. Unlike the sharp metallic edge that the name implies, “Aluminum” is all gossamer and ether, while “Sour Patch Girl” delivers lustrous swirls of acoustic and electric strings. If Waterman has applied any small part of his military background to his songcraft, then it’s clear what the command is: at ease. -

"Free Times: Sound Check"

An Atlanta-based singer-songwriter who developed his performance style as an undergraduate cadet at The Citadel in Charleston, Waterman is only two EPs into his budding career but already brings to mind the precocious talents of the young John Mayer — back when Mayer was just a likable-if-somewhat-awkward guy armed with an acoustic guitar, smooth pop hooks and ample instrumental chops. Waterman recorded his new EP Dividing Lines at the Awendaw Green Studios and has been steadily touring the Southeast. Rian Adkinson, another pop-inclined singer-songwriter from Atlanta touring behind his new record, FaithHopeLoveWar, headlines. K. Petersen

The White Mule: 6 p.m., $5; 661-8199, - Columbia Free Times

"Sean Waterman – Guest on Twitter Tuesday Live 30th August 2011"

Mark and I had the pleasure of meeting Brooklyn born singer/songwriter Sean Waterman! I expected him to have this really strong New York accent, however and unbeknown to me he moved to Atlanta when he was still quite young so has mellowed!!!! What is it with me and accents, seriously, I think I watch way too many movies!!!! Lol, I will say though, he is a very handsome young man and has an awesome smile!

Sean spoke to us about his tour of South East USA, his upcoming album, his early life, Amy his fiancé and much much more! Sean’s latest album is all acoustic, and I have to say, it is very different to a lot of acoustic ones I have heard, in the fact of the way he plays the guitar; it has a very crisp sound to it! See Sean all those years of your mum paying for your guitar lessons have paid off! Sean sings from the heart, about real things in his life!

Being a guest in Twitter Tuesday, can be a learning experience and in Sean’s case he got to learn about Vegemite and Marmite!!!!! Lol We also aim to make him Facebook Savvy with a little help from some of our regular listeners!

I’m not going to tell you anymore about the show, as it’s best heard, so please take the time to download the podcast, listen to Sean and his music. Follow and support this truly awesome musician! - Carol Riordan - Butterflies Radio

"Live Wired: Discover More Pro Performance Videos On OurStage: Sean Waterman"

Continuing the acoustic love is Sean Waterman from Georgia, who performed his song “Aluminum” live at the Atlanta Hard Rock Cafe last June. While he is currently touring as a solo act, hence the acoustic performance, Sean told us, “I like it when I listen to my albums and it’s different than the live version”. Well, we definitely like the live version because it allows us to focus on his soulful voice. He’s definitely affected by the audience as well, telling us how excited he was to finally perform the song to a crowd. He commented, “It really doesn’t matter if it’s two people or 200, I’m still trying to make that connection between the audience, myself, and the song”. - Cara Jeffrey -

"Sean Waterman at Bardot"

Sean Waterman at Bardot: This Brooklyn-born, Atlanta-based crooner brings his acoustic show to Midtown's late-night lounge. Soul candy for listeners who appreciate talent in raw form, Waterman's music is light and refreshing, from "Sour Patch Girl" to "Wrong."
Wed., Aug. 10
3456 N. Miami Ave.; 305-576-5570
- City's Best: Miami

"Singer/songwriter Sean Waterman to make Savannah debut"

By Linda Sickler

He’s a graduate of The Citadel, the prestigious military academy, but Sean Waterman preferred playing music to studying.

Today, he’s a full-time singer/songwriter with a promising career. Waterman will appear Aug. 18 at the Live Wire Music Hall.

Born in Brooklyn, Waterman moved to Atlanta with his parents when he was 14. “From there, I went to Charleston, where I went to The Citadel,” he said.

“I spent a lot of time playing music during times when I should have been studying or shining my shoes,” Waterman said. “But I learned a lot at The Citadel. I wouldn’t trade the experience for anything.”

Waterman’s late mother was a major influence on him. It was her decision for him to attend The Citadel.

“They sent a brochure to my house and the thought of me going to military school was too appealing to my mom to pass up,” Waterman said. “She and my dad went for a visit and when they saw we couldn’t leave the campus, said that was the only place they would pay for me to go.”

It is thanks to his mother that Waterman is a musician today. “I started taking guitar lessons at 9 when I was still living in Brooklyn,” he said. “It was a very difficult thing for me to pick up — just the guitar is hard on your hands, even when you’re in your 20s, let alone when you’re 9 years old.

“I wanted to quit, but once again my mother wouldn’t let me,” Waterman said. “So I stuck with it. Eventually, by the time I was getting out of high school, I really started to appreciate the fact that I can play.”

From that point, Waterman played all the time. “I began to write my own songs,” he said. “Anything and everything can influence a song.

“I try not to write about any particular thing, I just sort of let it come,” Waterman said. “I try not to force it too much and see what happens.”

Some songs are harder than others. “Some aren’t really fully developed in my mind so they take longer to write,” Waterman said. “Some will take a few months and some take a few minutes.

“It all depends on what’s going on at the time,” he said. “Really, there’s no science to it.”

Waterman’s main influences are Bob Marley and Bob Dylan. “They are strong song writers,” Waterman said. “I’m always drawn to musicians and artists who write their own music.”

In 2010, Waterman released his debut EP, “Locomotive Hearts.” His second, “Dividing Lines,” was released Aug. 15 and he is touring in support of it.

“I’m trying to play in places I’ve never played before,” Waterman said. “I’m trying to branch out and get to new markets and reconnect with the fans I already have.”

Although he’s a songwriter, Waterman enjoys performing more than anything else. “Even if I just played guitar, I would still want to play in front of people and try to share the talent that I have,” he said.

A full-length album should be completed by early 2012. “I started working on the LP less than a week after I started working on ‘Dividng Lines,’” Waterman said. “I wanted to get a good chunk of it done before I went out on tour. So the journey continues.”


What: Indie acoustic rocker Sean Waterman in concert.

When: 10 p.m. Aug. 18.

Where: Live Wire Music Hall, 307 W. River St.

Cost: $6. Ages 21 and older.

Info: 912-233-1192,


Go to and click on this story to see Sean Waterman in action.
- Savannah Morning News

"Sean Waterman’s ‘Dividing Lines’ EP to be released 15th August"

A Brooklyn native by way of Atlanta, Sean Waterman has found his niche as the southern-based singer/songwriter with a sophomore EP to be released in August and a three-month tour starting this June.

His initial introduction to music was a little on the bitter side, as his mother wouldn’t let him quit his guitar lessons at age nine. Luckily, a relationship formed and by the age of seventeen Waterman began writing songs and performing at open mic nights while attending The Citadel in South Carolina. Instead of the usual studying, he found it much more useful to spend his nights writing and performing at bars around Charleston. Although he spent many years working on his music, it wasn’t until he moved to Atlanta that an album began to take shape.

While based in Atlanta, Waterman found time to record his debut EP, Locomotive Hearts (2010). This release gained attention from Internet radio hosts and indie filmmakers, alike. His most recent project, Dividing Lines EP, will be available August 15th from his own record label, Waterman Records and Phonograph. With a little help from Eddie White and Nat Mundy, Waterman was able to produce this acoustic album himself at the Awendaw Green Studios in Awendaw, South Carolina.

Waterman has spent the last two years focusing on songwriting and recording, but his heart holds closest to performing live, because, “there’s something about the energy from the crowd that never leaves you.” This summer, the singer/songwriter will be traveling across the South on a three-month tour in support of his upcoming release. Beginning in Atlanta, Sean Waterman can be found playing shows from Miami to Nashville. Also, look out for his debut LP anticipating release in the upcoming year. - AAA Music UK

"Featured Spotlight Artist"

GENRE: Acoustic/ Rock/ Pop

LABEL: Self-Released



I would say indie rock and/or acoustic.


When I was in the 4th grade and a flyer came home from a music school in Brooklyn where I lived at the time. I started taking guitar lessons and wanted to quit after a few weeks because my hands kept hurting. My mom wouldn’t let me quit because she had already paid for the lessons.


I would say it’s a collection of songs about how connected we all are to each other.


We (myself & co-producer/album engineer Chad McCune) had an idea of what we wanted the end product to sound like. We knew what instrumentation we wanted so we just tried to get the feel just right. In the end, it worked out better than I had planned.


I felt like those songs best fit into a category. It was easier for me to classify “Armageddon” as a love song than to classify the other songs on the album.


A buddy of mine was going to propose to his girlfriend so he asked me to be there and play a song as song he proposed. I didn’t really have a song that fit so I wrote “Armageddon”. I was nervous about the song at first but since she said “yes” I figured it was a keeper.

I’m pretty sure I wrote “Enough” in the shower so there’s just no telling what that’s about.


The name of the album is “Locomotive Hearts” and I knew that I wanted the cover art to be a sketch of some sort. I came up with this concept of a heart pulling a train and I tried to draw it.


A lot of people helped with this project. “Locomotive Hearts” was a group effort in a lot of ways.


College kids, middle-aged kids, younger kids. I’d like to think my music appeals to a broad range of people. I’m finding the college crowd responds real well.


I collect CD booklets. For some reason I like reading liner notes so on my wall there’s tons of CD booklets with thumbtacks in them.


“That’s the Way” by Led Zeppelin


Music inspires me. A lot of times when I‘m writing new songs now its just something that comes from messing around on the guitar. I try to just let it flow from there.


Something I’m still trying to figure out!


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- Independent Music Awards

"Water Music: Sean Waterman's soulful songs"

Sean Waterman may be a relative unknown on the music scene, but one listen to songs like "Loose Change" and "Aluminum" confirms that he's among the strongest songsmiths in Charleston with over 100 tunes in his catalog.
Waterman's songs are not your three-chord country jangles, but intricate sonic weavings with multiple parts and hooks — sort of a layered Jack Johnson-esque vibe.

"Almost none of my songs are from personal experience," says Waterman. "I'm trying to draw on everything going on in the world, not just from my own life. That would just be from my chair. I try to see through everyone else's lenses as well."

Growing up in Brooklyn, he took up the classical guitar at age nine at his mother's behest and hated it. She wouldn't let him quit. By his high school years in Atlanta, he'd taken to playing on his own.

"A considerable amount of my songs were written at The Citadel," says Waterman, a 2002 graduate of the military college. "It was hard as a freshman. You don't want someone busting in your room when you're supposed to be studying, and there you are playing guitar."

Music is now Waterman's full time tour of duty. He often performs with lead guitarist Jason Hayes, who complements Waterman's powerful vocals with soaring, wah-wah laden embellishments.

Waterman's currently focusing on booking regional tours and playing creative gigs like art shows and baseball games. With guitarist Hayes joining him this Friday, fans may witness a home run before the first pitch is even thrown. —Stratton Lawrence
- Charleston City Paper


Bedpost - Single (2015)

Dividing Lines EP (2011)

Locomotive Hearts EP (2010)

Ann Caldwell - Compositions (Songwriter) (2008)



A new niche in the music world is being carved out by the soulful sound of roots-rock artist Sean Waterman. Born in Brooklyn, NY, Sean first became interested in playing music during the 4th grade when a music lesson flyer found its way home in his book bag. With his mother’s encouragement, he decided to strap on the guitar. After only a few months there was no looking back – – – guitar playing had become a passion. At 14 his family moved to Atlanta, GA and he continued his desire to become more involved in the creative aspect of music. Soon after the move south, he took up the pen and began composing songs of his own – giving credit to musical influences such as Bob Dylan, Bruce Springsteen, Michael Jackson, and Bob Marley. In the time since, he has written many songs. He even wrote and composed songs for Southern jazz legend Ann Caldwell. A spirited blend of original songs driven by the powerful combination of instrument and verse, Sean’s music invokes the full spectrum of emotion. The unique roots-rock sound gathers influence from all genres.