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Los Angeles, California, United States | Established. Jan 01, 2000 | SELF

Los Angeles, California, United States | SELF
Established on Jan, 2000
Band Rock Country




"Groove Out"


"Music Connection"

, "Wiggins could easily be misidentified as a simple singer/songwriter, but what she does is so much more. She actually takes you into her world and makes you feel right at home… never predictable or boring."

- Bernard Bauer

" -"

“… from up-tempo country flavored tunes with silky slides to songs that feature the blues and smoky vocals … Sean Wiggins is a multi-talented musician and her latest release is delightful and diverse!”
- Laura Turner Lynch -

"Underground Tech Review -"

Sean is an incredibly passionate songwriter... and, what an amazing performer...
This artist will be around for years to come ... `she is one of the few jewels out of L.A. - and, for someone who has seen A LOT of artists over the years out here, I will say that Sean Wiggins deserves the recognition and award.  Sean has the class, the talent and the star-power to make a significant and positive impact on the music-buying populace as well as in an industry that could use more artists like Sean Wiggins… - Underground Tech Review

"Sean Wiggins & lOne gOat -"

The Kitchen Sink:
(self-released): I still
don’t understand why this L.A.-based, bluesy country-rocker who
sounds like a cross between Melissa Etheridge and Mary Chapin Carpenter isn’t a huge star. Her latest 13-cutalbum proves that she should be. - Curve Magazine - 2008

"- review"

Sean Wiggins ...with a voice that is reminiscent of Melissa Etheridge and Bonnie Raitt but a style that outshines any comparisons.- JS Santa
Barbara Independent - Santa Barbara Independent

"Music Connection - band review"

Sean Wiggins
Beverly Hills

Contact: Hotline, 818-424-5582;
The Players: Sean Wiggins, lead vocals, acoustic guitar; Paul Houston, electric guitar; Robert Dill, drums; Sylvia Owens, bass.

Material: Charming down-to-earth lyrics illustrating the value of life's simple things and ordinary occurrences, as well as various moods and emotions, are Sean Wiggins' signature. Wiggins knows how to turn chance meetings into basic, yet entertaining, lyrics. Leading the set is "Grandpa," a song about a distinguished senior citizen driving a pink El Dorado on the highway. Wiggins wrote the tune on her way to work. She also writes about negative encounters as if she's attempting to make the problem better. "I Gotta Be Me" is a sincere song that allowed Wiggins an opportunity to vent frustrations regarding an argument she had with a club owner.

Musicianship: The instrumental aspects of this act are strong, soothing, and in sync with the vocals. Blending acoustic guitar with electric guitar maintains a soulful soft-rock tone that is enhanced by drums and bass that are never overpowering.

Performance: Sean Wiggins' country folk-rock style came across naturally as she belted out tunes with a smooth and calming ease. The singer's relaxed nature and good rapport enhanced her stage presence as she both established and maintained an empathetic connection with the audience throughout her performance. Wiggins explained the inspiration behind her songs before singing them, which presented a pleasant approach that her old and new fans embraced wholeheartedly.

Summary: Listening to Sean Wiggins is like opening her diary and reading it at your leisure. Her style is similar to that of Sheryl Crow and Jewel. Her heartwarming storytelling gift, soft expressive voice, and ability to ex-press feelings that relate to her audience are Wiggins' keys to success. - Music COnnection

"Hot Chick Musician Curve"

Curve Magazine
Her Nashville Sound

Sean Wiggins could be the next Melissa Etheridge – if only the music industry would notice her.

“If I am not playing live somewhere, I’m sad,” says Los Angeles-based ... singer-songwriter Sean Wiggins, who played more than 200 live gigs last year – “and loved every minute of it.”

The hardworking guitarist and vocalist offers a fresh mix of country, folk, rock and blues that often garners comparisons to Janis Joplin, Melissa Etheridge and Dusty Springfield. “I like to write more wordy stuff but sing it with a more soulful approach,” she says of her style.

Born in New York, Wiggins was lead vocalist in her high-school jazz band, which included jazz great Chick Corea’s kids. By the time she was 17, she was recording in Corea’s studio. After a brief stint at UCLA to study music, she worked her way up from New York cabarets to the competitive rock scene in Los Angeles, taking turns in various metal, punk and funk bands on her way to solidifying her own, more acoustic-roots style. Her fourth and latest self-released album, Everyday Life (recorded, she says, along with some great Nashville musicians), showcases 13 beautifully produced roots-country tunes, including the hook-filled, country-rocking “Business As Usual,” which will no doubt garner her comparisons to Mary Chapin Carpenter due to the song’s playful pop-friendliness.

The inspirational title track sums up Wiggins’ personal philosophy on life. “Basically, I am talking about how hard it can be to pursue your dreams and to live the life you want to live,” she explains. “Sometimes it feels like it isn’t worth it, or sometimes it seems impossible. The tune is just a simple statement that says, ‘go out and breathe, notice the beauty around you, and go back and start again.’”

Though a lack of cash for promotion is Wiggins’ biggest hurdle as an independent artist, she’s done pretty well on her own, getting airplay on SIRIUS Satellite Radio’s OutQ as well as various other Internet and indie radio outlets in the United States, Europe and Japan. Her songs can also be heard on the soundtrack to the short film Gillery’s Little Secret, starring Annabeth Gish, and on the ... CD compilation From the Heart.

And aside from appearances around the country this year, including New York, Los Angeles and Atlanta, Wiggins hopes to tour the U.S. this fall. “My everyday life is just making music and loving it no matter how much money is coming in.”

-Margaret Coble • July, 2006 - Curve Magazine

"Indie -"
Sean Wiggins - Everyday Life

Quote: "Her music's rough edges and down-home sensibilities give her work the feel of a close friend just kicking back, having fun, and letting it rip."

There's a little bit of quantum strangeness surrounding Sean Wiggins's latest album Everyday Life. Every time I play it, it gets louder. Before we go any further, you need to know this about me: I've not been a big country music fan. I'm much more comfortable with the intellectualism of jazz or the clear-minded mantras of electronica. But - and I've always maintained that there's nothing quite like a well-placed "but" - that just changed. I still probably wouldn't cross the street to step on a flaming ten-gallon hat, but I'd travel a good seven or eight hours through driving snow to catch a Sean Wiggins show.

You see, Sean's music is honest. There are no pretensions in her lyrics; nothing fake about the power and beauty of her voice. She calls things the way she sees them, and that is both rare and golden. Everytime she sings, Sean seems to open a doorway straight to her heart and lets out whatever's in there. Her music's rough edges and down-home sensibilities give her work the feel of a close friend just kicking back, having fun, and letting it rip without any self consciousness. Sean's included a little of everything on this album; from a beautiful, soft questioning of fate, to a rollicking reckoning with last night's antics, to a dark, pounding, insistent inspection of her hard times, she covers a lot of emotional and musical ground.

Sean and "The Band," her trio of talented backing musicians, switch effortlessly from Country to Blues to Rock and Roll, tastefully mixing tempos, as well. I'll let Sean's writing speak for itself: ....

It seems to me that Sean's decided to sing her heart's truth on Everyday Life. With that passion melded to her life experience, Wiggins has created a truly remarkable album that ought to be on the shelf of anyone who's looking for vibrant, heartfelt music. (View article

-A.J. Van Beest • January 2006 - Everyday Life

"reviews excerpts"

"Sean Wiggins, a centered and attention-grabbing, blue-eyed soul diva, easily maintained control from the get go…"
- Bam Magazine

"Sean Wiggins could be the next Melissa Etheridge – if only the music industry would notice her."
- Curve Magazine

"Wiggins could easily be misidentified as a simple singer/songwriter, but what she does is so much more. She actually takes you into her world and makes you feel right at home… never predictable or boring."
- Music Connection

“Sean Wiggins, whose powerful vocals easily recall the best qualities of Janis Joplin … and Sass Jordan…”
-Album Network

“Business As Usual,” is a foot-stomping, beer-drinking, hand-clapping hit with a great story with some sweet revenge at the end.

... there’s definitely a country girl lingering in this blue-eyed, blue-jeaned city girl, and fans of Shelby Lynne and Terri Clark will love Sean's style.
-OC Metro

"Her music's rough edges and down-home sensibilities give her work the feel of a close friend just kicking back, having fun, and letting it rip."

"Superior musicianship and expert delivery just plain old catchy tunes and each track presented a smorgasbord of style."

"Her songwriting and vocals are as strong as ever ... proving once again the incredible power of playing with other musicians."

“If Melissa Etheridge went a bit more country and a bit more bluesy she may sound like L.A.'s Sean Wiggins. Sean interjects ballads with incredible passion … Great lyrics are another plus …”
-Music Morsels

"[I Gotta Be Me] has an extra special feel- like a field trip of genuineness inside the heart & mind of this clever artist."
-Boston Girl Guide

"That sweet, tough, bluesy voice contains such richness, depth, and subtle nuances that change with each breath.“
- - listed below




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Compilation Releases:
Billboard 11th Song Contest
MS Music Fest 2006 - Compilation CDs for the Montel Williams MS FDN
Honey Cat Tunes-New Modern Christmas Classics
THe Best of Cold Spring Tavern Volume 2
Hot Girl Compilation
2006 Indie Music For Life Vol 2
THe Wedding Party 2005
Gogirls MusicFest 2006

Kid Antrim Music
Audio Venus
Around The World In 60 Minutes Sampler
Elettro Network (2 editions of Top 100 Downloads)
SBS Records - Volume 1
The Scene Compilations 1 & 2
Radio Mafia Records 1 & 2
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KCLA 99.3 FM, LA
WCVF-FM, New York
WBER 90.5 FM, New York
WSBC, Chicago
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91.7FM Indie-Radio, Los Angeles
The Prime Spot - Cerritos College Radio
Internet Radio & Sirius
Music Highway
Jammin' Live Radio
THat's Country Live
Out Q Sirius Radio out of NYC
The Songwriter's Network Broadcast on



Sean Wiggins, as a solo artist or with the band, has toured the United States playing her own music & covers at clubs and festivals and has shared stages with Cyndi Lauper, Montgomery Gentry, The BoDeans, Blues Traveler and many more. Sean has sold over 10,000 of her own 8 independently released cds and has had radio play and sales all over the world.  Sean has graced the stages at The Greek and Universal Amphitheaters in Southern California to The Bluebird in Nashville to CBGBs in NYC. Playing over 200 shows a year, she brings the audience into her world where the experience has made her friends and fans all over So Cal and the country. Come check out a wide array of tunes from her own to Alan Jackson to Bob Dylan to Janis Joplin to Elle King to Gloria Gaynor. "Apparently someone got a bit experimental in the chem lab and mixed the DNA of Janis Joplin and Melissa Etheridge" ( Winner 1rst place Billboard song Contest for Rhythm & Blues.

Sean has music in The Universal 2019 release, “Little”, AT&T series, “Mr. Mercedes”, Lionsgate film, “Bombshell”, Amazon’s Finale of “Transparent” and regular usages in The Young & The Restless! Plus I had 2.1K Streams on Spotify this year!

I play solo, as a duo or with a 4 to 5 piece band! Just depends. we have an extensive cover list as well as 40 or more originals we can actually play! I am known for being able to sing many styles. I do covers from Janis to ACDC to Joni to Cyndi lauper to Bonnie Raitt.

 Born in New York City, living in Los Angeles, and touring everywhere in between, Sean Wiggins has honed her skills as a rock/country goddess with a blues edge. She clocks in over 150 shows a year! Sean has been compared to Melissa Etheridge, Dusty Springfield, Janis Joplin and Michelle Shocked.

With over 100 songs in her catalog, this award winning performer and writer
has had tunes on TV, in films and on the radio both nationally and
internationally. Live, her dynamic stage presence, humorous banter, powerful
vocals and insightful lyrics, are completely captivating.

Some of Sean's awards include:
Winner, R&B/Blues,2002 Billboard Songwriting Contest
Finalist - 2004 Song of the Year Contest
Best Of Batch, Mi2n
Winner - 2005 Kweevak Music Awards: Music Project of the Year
Finalist - 2005 SingerUniverse Competition (2 Time Winner)
Finalist - 2005 Sammy Hagar Cabo Wabo Competition
Semi-Finalist - 2005 International Original Christmas Song Contest
2005 Mid-Atlantic Song Contest

Sean has toured the US in support of her last five releases, and her new band, Lone Goat, just released a 6th CD for the play list! - playing clubs, festivals and colleges in Nashville, Chicago, New York, Atlanta, Boston and numerous cities throughout the US. She has played CBGB's in NYC to The Bluebird in Nashville to the Troubador in LA. This year her new band, "Lone Goat", is headlining festivals all over California from The Garlic Festival to The Manhattan Beach Hometown Fair, back to the Pier in Pismo for the 4th of July. The band also opened for Blues Traveler in 2008 at The Arlington Theater in Santa Barabara.

Sean was also featured in the Del Shore's production, "Sordid Lives", as Bitsy Mae. The cast includes Emmy Award Winner, Leslie Jordan & Beth Grant! The play, also a TV series on the LOGO channel, travelled to Palm Springs, San Diego, Dallas, Nashville & Ft Lauderdale, in addition to its LA run. Also, Sean was featured in Curve Magazine July/Aug 2006, as one of the top chick musicians in the US,in addition to many more reviews which can be found on her web site, and you can find her music in "Gillery's Secret", an award winning short film, and the full length feature, "Changing Spots".
TV / Film Song Appearances:

 Lionsgate - Bomshell 2019

Universal Feature, Little 2019

AT&T Network - Mr. Mercedes 2019 - 2 placements

Primetime - The Young & The Restless - many placements 2018,2019

Netflix - Desperados

Amazon - Transparent (The Finale Feature)
MTV Undressed - MTV
God, Sex & Apple Pie - feature film
Boys In The City - LA Shanti Prod.
Gillery's Little Secret - short feature
"Perceptions" - a full length digital Feature by, Dawn Grabowski
Cable features in LA, Chicago & NYC - including OUT TV, LA "Changing Spots" - full length feature film
Travel Channel - Santa Barabara segment

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