Sean Zigmund

Sean Zigmund


Finely crafted acoustic musings to full throated rockers, all performed by one man, a guitar, and a loop pedal.


Nestled in the southern tier of the Green Mountains of Vermont, Sean Zigmund writes, performs, and records his original acoustic guitar based musical creations. His live show has been charaterized as "mesmerizing", "a focal point of the room", and "highly entertaining".

Armed with a Martin GTE-16, a Boss Octave Divider, and a Line6 Delay Modeler, Sean builds his sound one layer at a time, turning his guitar into a set of drums, a bass, rhythm guitar, and lead guitar. He fills a room with a full band sound in a matter of seconds. Over the top of the sonic wall he builds, his vocals flow like a meandering river creating a full on audio and visual experience for all ages to enjoy.

Somewhere between the mellow acoustic sounds of Jack Johnson, the liveliness of Beck, the darkness of Alice In Chains, and the driving pulse of Peter Mulvey lies the music of Sean Zigmund. With influences ranging from Beethoven to John Coltrane to Cold Play, he weaves his sound from experience, personal expectation, influence, and pop accessibility.

Sean started playing music at the ripe age of 9 beginning with the trumpet, baritone, and voice as his main instruments. By 7th grade, Sean was playing guitar and bass. By 10th grade he added percussion and drums to his skillset, all the time continously focusing on voice and guitar. Sean has been in many bands over the years, but recently decided to go solo and preform the same way he creates, one loop at a time.


Ease My Worried Mind

Written By: Sean Zigmund

I Get home from working hard all day, just one thing I have to say... I want you babe. mmmm, I want you woman.
My boss says he gonna cut my pay 'cuz I sit at my desk and I dream away how I want you babe. mmmm, I want you woman.
You're always on my mind, always on my mind. Watch the time, like a bird, just fly on by... don't even notice it at night when it's dark outside 'cuz I want you babe. mmmm, I want you babe. ohhhh, I want you woman.
Oh whoa oh, want to make you mine. And I'm about to lose my, lose my worried mind. Whoa oa.
Oh whoa oh, no rhythm or rhyme. I'm about to lose my, lose my worried mind...

Link In The Chain

Written By: Sean Zigmund

Link In The Chain - Sean Zigmund

Turning like the hands of a clock.
Twisted like the coils of a knot.
Broken like an ancient bone.
Shattered feeling all alone.
Times like this I live to feel,
Nothingness, the sense is real.

Choked up, burnt out, left for dead.
Can’t change my mind, sleep instead.
Miss out, turn off, close up shop.
New view, old hat, just can’t stop.

Face the facts you’re getting old.
Pay the tax, or sell your soul.

Life is just a game we play.
Take every moment, live for today.
Open your mind. Hear what I say…
Maybe you’ll find a better way.

Cannot relate to my friends.
Have no way to, just pretend.
Apathetic views of the world.
Stuck on my couch, dreams unfurled.

Face the facts you’re getting old.
Pay the tax, or sell your soul.

Life is set for you to change.
Growing older and getting gray.
Express your mind or be led to say
“I’m just a link in the chain.”
A Link in the chain. Link in the chain


"Remember" EP:
"Reflections" LP: Soon to be released, will be available at

Set List

2 sets of music, 1 hour each. Original and Cover (if need be).

Original Songs include:
Coalmine Blues, Long Way, Say, Anything You Want, How Many Times, Summer Song, Ease My Worried Mind, Lovely Life, When You're Gone, Link In The Chain, Spare Change, Elephant, Reasons Why, and more...

Covers include:
Beatles: Black Bird
Beck: Sing It Again
Blindfaith: Can't Find My Way Home
Cat Stevens: Father and Son
Grateful Dead: Scarlet Begonias
Jack Johnson: Rodeo Clowns
Mason Jennings: Empire Builder
Police: Message In A Bottle
and more...