Sea of Eyes

Sea of Eyes

 Denver, Colorado, USA

Sea of Eyes seamlessly blends electronic sounds and organic instrumentation driven by dangerous beat combinations and ripping guitar.


Sea of Eyes was founded in NYC in 2005.  We have recorded and performed from New York City to Seattle, developing over the years into a totally independent musical unit.  

Sea of Eyes blends the best of electronic and organic sounds through superior songwriting, production and performance.  

Conceived through the convergence of conflicting creativity, whereby disparate images reflect the release of sound which abounds, excites and ignites the flame that is Sea of Eyes.

We prefer to let the music speak for itself.


We release songs as we record them and group them into collections. We have spent the last 10 years creating the music, and we've recorded 7 songs of our 30 song catalog since May 2013 when we decided the music was ready to be tracked.