Sea Oleena

Sea Oleena

 MontrĂ©al, Quebec, CAN

Sea Oleena is the voice of someone you used to know, in the body of someone you've yet to meet, following you through a dream.


Charlotte Loseth created Sea Oleena from a sudden rush of inspiration and an old guitar with a missing string in the last days of a long winter.

Her first EP, 'Smudges', was put together in a sort of desperation and without too much attention to detail and released mid-March 2010. Her brother Luke, who makes his own music under the name Felix Green, offered to produce the songs, which were then released a few months later in the form of Sea Oleena's self-titled EP. The proceeding winter found Charlotte at work again on her latest release, 'Sleeplessness', this time featuring a balance in the production between herself and her brother.

With a widespread, scattered following of listeners, an unexpected number of lovely reviews, and a slowly growing ease behind the microphone, Charlotte is ready to experience and explore the wide world of live performing, from basement bars to concert halls.


Smudges EP
Sea Oleena (self-titled) EP
Sleeplessness LP

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