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"Searching for Skylines Finds New Members"

Valerie Fincher

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"So messed up/ But it's A-Ok/ It's the story of my life/ that's what she said…" were the lyrics that rang loud and clear in the Nassau Coliseum this summer during Warped Tour. The band, Searching for Skylines, is a new alternative rock band that swept through Warped Tour with their insightful lyrics and original beats. The incredibly catchy songs keep you humming for hours. The lyrics are easy to identify with since Searching for Skylines draws their inspiration from their own experiences, as well those of the people closest to them. Their musical influences are far too long to list, but they sound like Finch or a more amped and energized Story of the Year.

This Westchester County-based band started in 2003 under the name Juniper but changed to Searching for Skylines after losing one member, gaining another and writing different music.

"Juniper was awesome but we just couldn't continue under that name with all the changes," explained Matt Manfredo, the 22 year old guitarist of the band. "We loved to tour, and when we did we traveled at night anxiously waiting to see the city skylines (...) as if we were searching for them. So, Searching for Skylines became the new meaningful name of the band."

Manfredo is joined by Damon Kost (21) on lead guitar, Kyle Roeger (21) on bass, Tom Simmons (22) on drums and Sean McCabe (22) for vocals.

In addition to playing on Warped Tour, which Manfredo said, "was like a dream come true, really," Searching for Skylines has also played with Juliana Theory and Matchbook Romance. They are also looking forward to an upcoming tour through Indiana in October where they will be playing for record labels and clothing companies. So far, the tours have given the band an opportunity to share their music with people all over the country, which in turn has produced more fans. "Our fans are the best thing we have going for us," Manfredo said, "They push us more than we push ourselves, and we push hard."

If you can't catch Searching For Skylines locally, you can download their music on Pure Volume and My Space. Each website has one extra song that isn't featured on the other. You can also buy the band's EP (under

the name Juniper) One Road

onto Me at and The music video for their first single "Anticipatient", filmed in New York, will be coming out soon on

The band is off to a great start, but Searching for Skylines needs your help, "We want feedback,!" Manfredo urges. "It only makes us stronger and more intelligent in our songwriting." - Pace Press Valerie Fincher Issue date: 9/6/06 Section: Arts & Entertainment

"Profiles of Online Radio Stations: The Top Five Online Rock Radio Stations"

PureVolume is a website that features many little known and unsigned music artists. The types of musical artists featured on PureVolume range from alternative rock, ska, folk, and even R&B. You can search for any band by artist, or you can browse their top 100. Each band page features information about the band, photos, tour dates, and most importantly full-length songs! PureVolume also occasionally releases compilation Cd's from their best artists. PureVolume recently launched an online radio station with AOL and XM Satellite Radio. You can listen to the radio station any time of the day or night completely free! The online radio station plays the top 100 most downloaded songs on PureVolume for that day- and it gives quite a variety of music! The first song I heard when I started listening to PureVolume's online radio station was "Reoccurring Truth" by Searching for Skylines. I'd never heard of the band before, and the trend continued as I listened to the radio station. Most of the songs and bands I heard on the online radio station were unsigned bands, with a couple big name acts as well. PureVolume's online radio station is the best place to go if you want to get exposed to some new music! - Associated Content By Chloe Xanthis


One Road On To Me EP
Searching For Skylines Internet EP



Searching For Skylines, which consists of Sean "Shamus" McCabe
(Vocals, Guitar), Damon Kost (guitar), Kyle
Roeger (Bass, vocals) and Tom Simmons (drums), was formed in late 2005
when Poughkeepsie, NY Power-pop band, Juniper, split ways with their
guitar player, moved former singer (Manfredo) to guitar and making way
for current vocalist (McCabe). Searching For Skylines quickly started
writing recorded their first five self-produced demos and trudged
their way back into the tough Poughkeepsie scene, where they quickly
made fans and fellow bands forget the Juniper name.

Searching For Skylines has been selected to
play the Ernie Ball Stage on the 2006 Warped Tour in Long Island, NY.
That same week the band was the number one played band on, a feat they have repeated one time since. In the bands
short history they have been privileged enough to share the stage with
such national acts as Chiodos, Bayside, The Sleeping, Envy On The
Coast, Matchbook Romance, Just Surrender and Trust Company (this does not
include all the amazing bands of the '06 Warped Tour).