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search party


Search Party consists of beautiful eerie melodies and composition, utilizing male-female vocal harmonization and an ambient, post-punk indie sound. They are defintely thought provoking and evocative while entrancing the listener. Live they have been described as "beautifully pulverizing".


search party is a group of four young musicians from Detroit, whose passion
for the artistic manipulation of sound drew them together in late 2004.
search party’s sound utilizes dual guitars, beautiful, eerie melodies, and both male and female vocals. Together they strive to create music that is true to their collective mind and soul, while maintaining an unwavering passion for the sound itself. With influences ranging from post-punk bands such as Joy Division and Bauhaus, to more contemporary artists like Radiohead and Mazzy Star,
search party openly embraces the differences in its members’ tastes to form a sound that is moving as well as unique. They have recently finished a self-produced demo entitled “On the Offshore” and have played shows at established venues all over Detroit and the surrounding Midwest, including St Andrews Hall and the Majestic Theatre in Detroit and the Metro in Chicago. In August 2006 the Detroit News and voters selected
search party as one of the top nine bands in Detroit.
search party is seeking any assistance with recording, booking, touring, promotion, airplay, and/or distribution.


demo-"On the Offshore"-2005
1-A Resurrection in New Orleans
2-On the Offshore
4-My Sweet Shadow
recorded at Dungeon Studios, Chesterfield, MI

recorded at Sonic Orchard Studios, Chesterfield, MI

demo self titled 2007
2-Rose on a Grave
4-For Me

Recorded at Tempermill Studios, Ferndale, MI

Set List

search party sets are typically up to an hour mostly original with the occasional cover thrown in.