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Three sisters from the Ottawa Valley deliver a strong and fiery live show that includes Erin Searson on lead vocals, a boogie style of piano, step dancing and mandolin, Heather Searson on bass and step dancing and Colleen Searson on lead fiddle, vocals and step dancing.


With talent that remains full of fierce energy, Searson continues to astound their audiences with unguarded sincerity in their vocals, raw fiddling and ferocious stepdancing. Searson has been taking North America and Europe by storm, performing an average of 150 shows a year. Growing up in the Ottawa Valley, Ontario, Canada, Erin, Heather and Colleen Searson began performing for audiences at a young age. Each sister was filled with an appreciation of music at an early age and from this, developed a contemporary style of high energy, roots, celtic, country and pop, a sound they are known and loved for. The multi-talented sisters play a variety of instruments and are all expert step dancers. Erin plays a boogie style of piano, organ, and mandolin. Colleen is on fiddle and joins Erin in the lead vocals with Heather on bass. Rounding out the live show they are joined by Mary Gellner on drums and percussion.
From private events, to clubs, theatres and festivals, touring originally began in Ontario and has now grown to include North America and Europe.

Searson has recorded five albums in their illustrious career. A Different kind of Light (2008), Searson Live (2005), Follow (2004), House Party (2002), and finally their newest addition Ignite ( fall 2009). Ignite encompasses Searson’s love of all music. All original, these tracks contain flavours from the Ottawa Valley, Country and Blues stylings, something Searson wanted to showcase in an instrumental album. Ignite was recorded at French Kiss Studios in the Ottawa Valley and produced by Jordon Zadorozny (Blinker the Star, Melissa Auf Der Maur). Recording Ignite gave the band a chance to bring in many different sounds including the banjo and the dobro. Recording Ignite gave Searson a chance to be creative and have fun with their music. A Different Kind of Light compliments the instrumental album with twelve tracks of original vocals written by these three sisters. After completing the Searson Live album, "We wanted to showcase the band's adventurous spirit for live music," said Colleen. "The resulting album is something we are all proud of."

Never road weary, Searson has a relentless tour schedule ahead. "Touring and performing our original music for live audiences is the best reward we could get for years of music lessons and practicing," said Erin. "Touring with my sisters has given us a lifetime of memories that we could never imagine living without."


Back at the Beginning

Written By: Searson

An oddly warm November day
Sitting on the porch
Watching the seasons change
Yet the world stays the same

Watching the sun simply fade away
Like it does everyday
Tomorrow the world won’t be the same
Slight change brought the world to where it is today

What kind of world do you want
What kind of world would you chose
Back at the beginning oh what would you do

You’re not the only one who cares what happens the next day
Or frustrated by what you can’t change
You start thinking
And thinking can start the change

Would you watch your life
Continue to pass in front of your eyes

Beautiful Way to Die

Written By: Searson

How you doing now girl
The world is different now girl
That he’s left this world behind
Now it’s all about you so take your time
‘Cause time will only heal your pain

Don’t feel guilty about the past
Don’t feel guilty ‘cause he’s gone
He has lost all control
I can see your relief
I can feel your sweet relief
It’s good to have you back again

What a beautiful way to die
He’s freed your life
What a beautiful way to die
He’s freed your life

He drank into his sadness
He drank away your happiness
He left you there on your own
He gave up his need to fight
He gave up on his life tonight
And now you’re glad you’re on your own

Please don’t chose another man
Like your father, he won’t understand
Only past ghosts can hurt you now
Cold stone represents him now
You’re so kind and gentle girl

Role Play

Written By: Searson

A girl can’t help liking her
Reflection in your eyes
But a mirror image I can’t reflect
I’m not your soul mate
But it’s demise

This is a role
I don’t want to play
But somehow got the part
Don’t place your heart in these hands
It won’t be safely kept

You can’t help the way you feel
But then again neither can I
Your kindness it won’t wear me down
Even with the help of time

Holding you on this line
I can draw you in or push you away
Depending on the pleasure of mine
Want you to be free from me
Oh, I’m not looking to hurt you
But you’ve left me standing here
With nothing left to do

Bettter Than Fine

Written By: Searson

Came home alone the other night
Changed my mind for the millionth time

Now it’s waiting for you to stop by
And space doesn’t exist
I should have learned from lost friends
The irrelevance of this

Cause everyone, needs someone sometime
Everyone’s waiting for someone

I was doing alright
Now I’m better than fine
Just had to be standing in a different kind of light

Have I always been half alive
Or just let myself be dead
It’s the little things you can’t comprehend
Like why I’m feeling this way

You Won't Last

Written By: Searson

She can’t stand to be alone
Never been alone
Since you turned up in front of her face
Giving no place
To turn, you seemed pretty damn good at the start

How quickly the future becomes the past
Each day moving faster than the last
You won’t last, You won’t last
You won’t last

She sheds her face full of tears
Silent laughter’s how you meet her fears
Curiosity is a silent stare

He dangles diamonds near her
Cause he fears
He’s losing all control

She’s so good to everybody
Everybody’s not good enough to her, to her

Won't Stay

Written By: Searson

The moment we fell always seemed yesterday
Until today
The day we started to drift away

And this old place just isn’t the same
Cracks and drafts and
Old things packed away
It’s simply time to move away

No I won’t stay
Gotta get away
Won’t stay
No how, No why, Won’t stay
No way

How stupid to simply believe
We could just move things around
But the something we’re looking for
We lost or never had anyway

What’s the point if you’re just going to ignore
That look on your face says you’ve been here before

Another Circle Around the Sun

Written By: Searson

I can tell by the way you look at me
Nobody grows up thinking this is the way it’s going to be
Going to turn out to be

I can tell by the way you look at me
That your eyes hoped to see something more
Something more
But virtue won’t equal my happiness

Another circle, another circle around the sun
Another year has come and is done
I have overcome
I have overcome
I have overcome

I can tell by the way you look at me
Your disappointment didn’t want to be near me
But you don’t know how I feel and who I am
Who I am
‘Cause virtue won’t equal my happiness

Some minor disasters and major distractions
I’ve been bruised but my life is stronger
Is stronger

Worth Your Fight

Written By: Searson

Everyone’s asking you
Will you have to go away
Oh then they make that face
And wonder why you’d ever want to go

Go to that place
Fight for a race
They’ve never met before
Where freedom is chased
It’s worth your fight
For everyone’s right
To life without fear

There’s so much more
To fighting this war
Than we’ll ever know
A safe place to live
A safe place to learn
A safe place to love

If I had no voice
Never given a choice
I’d want to know
Yes I’d want to know
That someone like you
Could give a damn about me
About me

Love Like Mine

Written By: Searson

I stare at your beautiful
Face and I’m wondering, where’d you go?
I search for a place to hide your race against time
But it’s all in your mind
You’re feeling so alone

I love you
I need you

I try to forgive
The madness that’s stolen your life, stolen my wife
I am a man of God, praying
No begging you to recognize who I am
Screaming inside, frustration I hide
You can’t move a love like mind

I love you
I need you
Don’t know what to do
I am losing you
Each and every day you slip farther and farther away

I know who you really are
I know you
I hold you
I’ll hold on to your life


Ignite (2009)
Different Kind of Light (2008)
Searson Live (2005)
Follow (2004)
House Party (2002)

Set List

Show consists of a mix of original songs and fiddle tunes, with step dancing added as a highlight during the show.
A typical set length ranges from 45 minutes to 90 minutes + . Searson can perform multiple sets per day.