Seashadow & DJ Mazzi

Seashadow & DJ Mazzi

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Krystal Recordings consists of DJ Mazzi and Seashadow. We produce all kinds of music, to name a few: Electronica, Instrumental, and Hiphop. Seashadow creates a dark, evil-sounding style, while DJ Mazzi has a wild and crazy-sounding style. Together they complete each other musically.


Krystal Recordings was started in 2002 by DJ Mazzi, at the time he was producing Drum n Bass mix tapes, scratch demos, and live mixes all over the Wisconsin area. Throughout the years, Mazzi has been working to perfect his scratching and beat juggling abilities. Mazzi's influences are: DJ Qbert, Doormouse, Dara, Dieselboy, Dillinja, N20, Congo Natty, 3d, Snuggles, Technical Itch, Dom and Roland, Evil Intent, basically any one that produces Drum n Bass

Seashadow is a keyboardist and has been playing since she was only six years-old. Her style is so unique that local artists cannot classify her style. Seashadow's goal, with her music, is to reach peoples emotions. Seashadow's influences are: King Diamond, Juno Reactor, Silent Civilian, Ill Nino, and film/video game composers.

Shortly after Krystal Recordings was born, Mazzi met Seashadow and together created some of their best music. Currently, Krystal Recordings is run by DJ Mazzi and Seashadow.



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Electronica Instrumental


We have a new cd coming out in May called "S & M Electronica" Other CDs we've put out in the past were: Krystal Recordings Compilation vol. 1, "Searching"- Seashadow, and "Detroit Bred"- Coop.

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