Seaside Tryst

Seaside Tryst

 Seattle, Washington, USA

Seaside Tryst is a pretty queer synthpop band from Seattle WA.


Seaside Tryst is a pretty gay way to say "sex on the beach" as well as a synthpop quartet from Seattle WA. Together since around 2014, we've played all over the PNW in some of Seattle's most beloved and infamous basements and venues (Cockpit, Vera Project, Barboza, Flop House (OLY)). 

Our influences are a weird mix of 80's synths, queer culture and ice cream. Three of us are trans queers and our token straight guy is a cool Filipino punk dad who gives the rest of us rides to get pizza. We listen to a lot of Depeche Mode, Erasure and Expose. Our live show is energetic and we've been called a pretty "fucking fun band" by some guy at the Sunset Tavern. We mix live music and loop samples to create a new wavey dance sound with our former-soprano-turned-frontman crooning over the music. Catch us sometime around the pacific northwest or beyond!

Set List

Sets usually last between 20-30 minutes (although we can play for longer if needed.) We like to leave the crowd with a good taste in/on their mouths - keep it short, keep it quick, keep the set solid.