Seas Of Mirth

Seas Of Mirth

 Derby, England, GBR

Piratical comedy folk. The riposte to Captain Pugwash meets the theme music to Amelie on speed... on Whitby Pier. A tongue-in-cheek approach to the ancient sea-shanty with a rum-fuelled attitude set to Pillage. All within a solid understanding of irony and stupidity.


Garrr!! 4am after a bottle of Bacardi, a guitar and a multi-sample boasting synthesizer. The result was equally as cringeworthy as hilarious at first. It was never meant to be - until certain musicians moved in to that house and by freak coincidence a live pirate folk band was formed! The first Seas of Mirth gig took place on 31st October 2007 with the line up of djembe drum, acoustic guitar, fiddle and plentiful gang chants. Two and a half years on that now seems like a shambolic performance. As do many in hindsight but nothing short of a great night live music experience that guaranteed laughs, singalongs and debauched yelps by the barrelful. After ample line-up changes now spreading Seas of Mirth's crew vastly nationwide, the band still continue to prowess in the field of comedy nautical folk. We have scurried all over from South London's SE1 club to Edinburgh's Pleasance Dome at the Fringe Festival. Through the years we've comprised an entourage of venues, pubs, high streets, caves, boats, trains, secret locations and have enjoyed every moment of it a little too much. We are currently working on our first video, hopefully to be broadcast on BBC Big Screens in the Midlands. We are also writing material that sounds something in between Fleet Foxes and 'Donald, Where's Yer Troosers?'. The inevitable question mark (that looks uncannily like a hook) is always under the fans' anticipation as to what we will pull out of our three-cornered hats next...


Seas Of Mirth

Written By: Seas Of Mirth

We be sailin' the Black Sea, 'be the one near Romany,
Prevailin' over choppy waves with sheer severity
Tales o' rape an' pillage be the only tales we know,
So sit down an' make yerself at home,
be many miles to go!

We be villains of the waves, our hearts blacker than black,
There's nothing more heart-racing than a navy ship attack
Once we've pilfered all their rum we drink and we sing
When we be wafering their wives
Wafering: The act of wrongness committed upon one's spouse.
(ah, proceed!)

Seas of Mirth
Seas of Mirth
Don't you tangle with the Seas of Mirth (x2)

We were all struck down with scurvy from a lack of Vitamin C
An uncompromising yellow be the colour of our pee
There be no bloody oranges, just rats for our tea,
we be swimming with disease 'til LAND HO! TURKEY!

Alas there be trouble on reachin' Turkish shores
Them bastards they be strict with their immigration laws (Passport!)
If it were anything like the old times
through the country we'd force
Plunder all yer virgin women, and turn them into whores!

Seas of Mirth
Seas of Mirth
Don't you tangle with the Seas of Mirth (x2)

Ly Ly Ly Ly Ly Ly Ly Ly (x8)

good cod, there's a boat coming in...

Seas of Mirth
Seas of Mirth
Don't you tangle with the Seas of Mirth (x4)


First EP Post Nautical Anti Shanties, soon to be released.

Set List

Our set list can be as short as 20 mins to an hour and a half. We have an hour of our own material but when pushed can integrate covers, parodies, and more stage antics.