Seasonal Mishap

Seasonal Mishap


Unique blend of addictive guitar riffs and modern lamb-of-god like vocals, Seasonal Mishap revives the metal of the 90's with screaming guitar solo's backed with pounding bass and solid drumlines; it will remind you of the metal that once had a concept called groove.


Deep from within the heart of the south, deep from within the fire and ash that is the city of steel, rises “Seasonal Mishap". Cast by flame, forged by sheer determination and molten steel, this band calls Birmingham Alabama home. Originally formed in 1998 by co-founders Kevin Goodwin on guitars and Bart Blalock on drums, Seasonal Mishap has a brand new line up which now includes Jimmy Lybrand on the mic and Ben LeBlanc weighing anchor on the bass. The Premise for Seasonal Mishap has always been simple. They believe in straight up, balls out rock n' roll. Their never give up, never give in, never break, never bend attitude shines through in their music. Through all the musical trends that have come and gone, Seasonal Mishap remains a tested, tried and true band that has never compromised their style or sound.


Set List

The Time Has Come
Stand Up
Means to an End
Push & Pull
Movin On
Heaven's On Fire (Kiss cover)

Our usual set list includes 12 - 15 songs and usually lasts 1 hour to an hour and a half.